The Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Program + DFY Sales System by Joshua Mba: What’s Inside?

Many affiliate marketers are doing it the wrong way even with the many Affiliate Marketing Program spread all over the various affiliate marketing platforms on the internet. 

Are you one of them? 

Maybe you have set up your website, set up ads and even ran some advertisements BUT… 

No sales!

Then you've lost the courage to continue.

A lot of people have… and that's enough reason to feel sad, and weighed out especially when you see a few others doing the same thing and making it big.

When you take a look at this image, you are like WHAT???

The Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Program by Joshua Mba

I felt the same way before taking real action!

Don't worry, stay with me because this is why I am bringing to your desk a sure solution you don't want to miss. 

In August 2022, I came in contact with Joshua Mba, the prolific 7 figure affiliate marketing professional whose course of life and experience in the internet marketing space have changed a lot about me.

Who is Joshua Mba?

The guy that goes by the name Joshua Mba in the internet market space is an experienced Software Engineer with a good history in the infotech and service industry. 

This video discloses How Joshua Mba built a Multi-million Business using Affiliate Marketing.

Revealed: Complete expert training on how anyone can get started with affiliate marketing using and all the premium features to generate $1k-$10k with the power of the 5-step Expert Framework.

Joshua Mba is highly skilled in Digital Marketing, public speaking and software engineering. 

Joshua Mba went from doing his online business with a Tecno M3 smartphone to making millions of naira online. He has helped over 25,562 people to make money online using his affiliate marketing platform. 

As a sales expert, software engineer, and thought leader, he is also the co-founder of two powerful companies. 

Funnelhackers club, which he co-founded, and a company that has generated over $800,000 in profit (about N450,000,000).

He also co-founded the Blockchain Hub Africa, the leading hub for African blockchain talents. This company also smashed a $1M pool of funding from google. 

He also runs a Sale Degree School which produces sales experts in a 4-month program. So far, all his companies seem to be doing so well.  

Joshua Mba wants to show you how to succeed by using one of his business models and his platform Stakecut.  

Brief details about Stakecut? 

In this other post, I defined what Stakecut is. But in case this is your first time on our blog, Stakecut is an affiliate cart system that aims to expand beyond African borders by offering affiliates the opportunity to earn dollars while also listing their eCommerce or digital products and services on its platform.

It is an affiliate marketing program that allows you to sell products already created by other people. When you sell any of these products, you keep a percentage of the money to yourself as a commission. 

Stakecut has over 25,000 users across the globe, with over a million paid to these users. This is the business model Joshua Mba wants to teach you.  

And guess what?

It is absolutely free to join and begin to earn… BUT…

You need the Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Program + DFY Sales System by Joshua Mba

Hitting it big on affiliate marketing without knowing what you are doing is going to be hard. Therefore, Joshua Mba has taken it upon himself to show you how to make millions in pure profits, using the affiliate marketing business model. 

You can use Joshua Mba’s Stakecut to generate income for yourself, only this time he will show you the exact framework you need to follow to get things done. This is why the Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Program was created. 

What You Will Find Inside the Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Program

The Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Program is a do-it-yourself program. You will be given all the help and framework you need to succeed in your affiliate marketing business. You will get everything you need to make your next $100 – $10,000 sales on autopilot. 

This is what you will find when you are inside the Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Program 

Introduction to Affiliate Marketing 

You will be introduced to affiliate marketing. You will learn what this business model means and how you can be able to cash out from this business model and consistently.

Whether you are a newbie or an intermediate with affiliate marketing, you will find this module very useful. 

A Tour of the Stakecut Platform 

Just imagine learning about affiliate marketing from a co-founder of Stakecut. You will understand how you can be able to promote courses the right way.

 You will understand the walkthroughs of the Stakecut platform, plus lots more. 

The 5-Step Framework 

You will receive complete training on the 5-step framework top affiliates across the world use to make at least $200 daily.

 Imagine making $200 or close to $200 dollar every day, you’d be living the dream.   

Facebook Ads Training 

Seasoned affiliate marketers understand the importance of generating a consistent amount of traffic every day, the moment traffic generation stops, your business is going to die. 

Joshua Mba is going to teach you how to run your very own converting Ads, that will bring you prospects begging you to take their money.  You will receive complete training on how to run Facebook Ads. 

Organic Traffic Generation 

You may not have the money to run Ads online. Joshua Mba will teach you how to organically get prospects without paying any dime on advertisements. 

Powerful Sales Hack 

You will be shown how to create marketing videos that will drive your sales. You will learn how to make sales using video marketing. 

Lead Funnels & Webinar Funnels 

You will have complete training on how to set up your own webinars and create your funnels. You will be shown how to make webinars that convert and how to automate the process. 

Sales Script Template

You will receive a complete library of Joshua Mba’s sales script template that will help you make sales online. This is a done-for-you system. 

WhatsApp Marketing 

You will be taught how to use WhatsApp to make sales. You will be shown how to use WhatsApp to generate leads that will turn into customers. 

Joshua Mba also brings his friend that is an expert on WhatsApp marketing to add a thing or two, just for you.  

30 days Affiliate Marketing Challenge Script 

You will receive a 30-day affiliate marketing challenge script that you can follow to make money within those 30 days periods. 

Interview with Top Affiliates 

You will have access to learn from the very best. Those who are crushing it and making millions monthly will be available to answer your questions and show you how they are getting it done. 

Access to the WhatsApp Community 

You will connect with other affiliates, ask questions, and learn together. The WhatsApp community will give you the motivation you need to succeed. 

How Much Does the Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Program Costs?

At the time of writing this article, the Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Program costs $40, which is around N30,000. 

Many students have made over 10 million Naira following the framework given by Joshua Mba, so seeing this course at a ridiculous price of $40 is a big win. 

After you have successfully purchased this course, you will be given a done-for-you bundle by Joshua Mba. The Done for you bundle will help you sell affiliate products fast. 

The Done for you system will just allow you to copy and paste the promotional materials you have been given, and then you sit back, relax, and wait for the sales to start flooding in. 


If you want to see quick results in your affiliate marketing journey, then I recommend the Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Program. 

You will transition from zero to hero with affiliate marketing. Joshua Mba’s students are making $100-$10,000 monthly, just by learning from his program.

With a price that cheap who wouldn’t grab the offer to learn from the millionaire boss? 

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