12 Best Online Content Writing Tools for Blog Content Writers

As a content writer, you are probably looking for the best online content writing tools that can make your work a lot easier. This usually sends a lot of concerns especially when you've got works all piled up and undone.

I experience that a lot and so far, I have uncovered some best online content writing tools that make creating content very fast and easy for me.

You see, currently, the numbers of creative writers across the globe have grown beyond count. The competition is stiff and content creation is taking a whole new turn.

There is an estimated amount of over 400 million blogs worldwide today. And over 1000 blogs reportedly created every single minute every single day. The marketing potentials of content writing in the last 5 years has grown and still growing as a result of the shift from conventional to digital marketing.

There are so many writing agencies across the globe with lots of aspiring writers working part time.

The potential market for content writing tools is competitive and thus, huge a market for online content writing tools.

Content development has become a field that demands its specialists be well-versed. Getting skilled with the most basic skills to the most hi-tech ones can be daunting. But, there are many who can give you a run for your money when it comes to creating content for your online business.

Many professional authors have found certain online writing tools helpful in getting their works to standout.

Top 12 Best Online Content Writing Tools used by professional Bloggers

These are, by our screening, a few common online content writing tools used by various writers.

Most of the tools mentioned in this post are not new, especially if you have been writing for some time now.


From experience, this is one of the very best online content writing tools that make writing super-super easy.

Conversion.ai is a ground-breaking AI tool that helps copywriters, marketers, and entrepreneurs to create highly engaging content with sufficient persuasive attributes for their social media channels, and website copies to drive high returns on investment (ROI) and increased conversions.

It also generates top-level copies for marketing emails, ads, blogs, listings, and many more, using diverse features to identify who you should specifically be targeting with your contents and the strategies that works best for the unique voice of your business.

best online content writing tools
One of my best online writing tools

With Conversion.ai, a 2-week copy project can be finished in 2 days. Although similar to Copy.AI, most users of the Jarvis (Conversion.ai) technology believe they could get the best report using Conversion.AI

Lauren Andrews, Founder at Unicorn Exchange testifies, “If you suffer with ‘getting the ball rolling' with copy – prepare to suffer no more. For two weeks I was dragging my feet on copy for our new website. After 2 days with Jarvis, it was done. You'll be shocked when you try this for yourself”.

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The tool is actually good for creating writing blocks, suggestive content that helps you put together an article faster with lots of data backings.

Try Conversion.AI.


Copy.ai is one of the world’s most advanced artificial intelligence writing assistants that saves you so much effort in dishing out your marketing copy. In just a matter of seconds, you can have an amazing marketing copy ready. That’s a big-time saver!

best online content writing tools

This powerful AI technology uses the same smarts as human writers, just way faster. It applies machine learning to continuously improve the quality of your content. It dishes out content that is free from plagiarism, giving you a unique voice, rich and outstanding information.

Although it has a competition line with Conversion.ai, it turns out very easy to use with lots of features you don't want to miss.

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I combine both tools in writing powerful marketing copies that get my client's satisfaction.

Google docs

This is a very useful free-to-use, easy-to-use web-based word processing tool used by top bloggers/content writers and beginners alike. It is appealing and outstanding among other tools.

It has been around since April 2006.

Unfortunately, many content developers or bloggers overlook this powerful application. I’ve been using Google Docs for more than several years now. The writing tool has helped me get a lot more done in my day.

best online content writing tools
Google Docs Writing Tool

With this tool, other writers can co-write, peruse or correct your work if you grant them access.


The Hemingway App is also one of the best online content writing tools, a powerful tool for content creators or bloggers. The two Hemingway apps I’ve used are the web version and the mobile app. The app allows you to check the readability level of texts. It also helps to see the readability scores for short stories or blogs.

It is not easy to write good-quality content. If you want to make a blog then you should be able to write great content on the blog. For this, you must learn all the techniques and learn the right way of writing.

best online content writing tools
The Hemingway App

The Hemingway app is one such tool that will make sure that your writing is not boring. It spots errors and optimizes text to reasonable tones. This tool ensures that your write-ups are properly organized and simply engaging enough for the readers.

HubSpot's Blog Topic Generator

I feel excited to mention the Hubspot's Blog Topic Generator is also one of the best online content writing tools I have ever come across. It is a very popular writing tool as well. It helps writers discover dozens of ideas for blog topics related to their niche.

best online content writing tools
Image captured from HubSpot.com

It allows you to enter at least 3 keywords, or subject ideas when it then brings up a list of expanded subjects you can use to create quality blog posts.

The tool gives the blog posts or articles fresh and unique content ideas with loads of expanded keywords if you opt for the paid version. The free version limits you to 5 topic ideas you may want to leverage.

If you are a bloggers with limited time to source blog ideas, this tool may sound good for you. The Hubspot blog ideas generator is a time saver tool.

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According to Forbes, Evernote is a powerful tool that can help executives, entrepreneurs and creative people capture and arrange their ideas. (Forbes.com). 

How many times have you wished that there was a place where your content was automatically backed up and organized under one roof? I know I did. Two months ago, I encountered the same problem. After extensive research, I found Evernote to be the best option. 

best online content writing tools

If you're a blogger, then Evernote must be your best buddy too. Taking notes is a part of every writer’s work because it helps them to capture their thoughts and develop their ideas better. With the help of Evernote and some other tools, you will be able to create content in the most unique and creative way possible!

The Evernote software is a great tool for storing anything. There are apps for Android, iPhone, Windows PC, and Mac that help you to organize all of your notes. I use it in my daily job scouting and collecting ideas from sites and documents to store for later use in my content marketing efforts.

With that said, this tool has proven to be one of the best online content writing tools of the moment.


Have you ever wondered how to create descriptions for your book or blog that really sell it, a number of titles, and the stories behind those titles? 

If you’re writing a romance, for example, and have some overly bland lines (“he kissed her shoulder tenderly”), you can reach out to Descriptionari and have other members help you craft more descriptive sentences (“he smoldered as he stole a caress across her collarbone”).

The web app is a built thesaurus. And created to help writers discover creative and inspirational descriptions.

Writers often need inspiration when trying to come up with a certain word or metaphor. For this, Descriptionari is here to help.

Thanks to the community. The Thesaurus contains more than 2.5 million creative descriptions for creators.

best online content writing tools

This medium was founded by Angela Caroline Abraham, to help young writers show others how to make very clear and colourful write-ups that will help them produce the best and unique content ever 


Grammarly is a web-based application that checks your spelling, grammar, and style. It’s a very useful tool to have when writing content for a website or blog. Content developers or bloggers for the most part are judged by the content they produce and whether they write professionally or not.

This is the best app for grammar checks. It helps in the correction of any grammatical error or mistake. From experience, some of the accurate features provided by alternative web based grammar checkers similar to grammarly have not matched up with as much as Grammarly can do.

As a blogger, I’ve made lots of typos, grammatical errors that embarrass me. I’ve got a premium account and this tool saves me from the trouble of these mistakes

best online content writing tools

It is an extension for the Chrome browser.

The good part is that you can work on the go with your smartphone as it is also available on smart phone (iOS and Android).


Although not commonly used by content developers, this program was made specifically for writing books. It is a wonderful program for people who want to write more than one thing at a time. 

As a content developer and writer, there is no one source that can help me write and manage my projects perfectly. Instead of getting stressed out, I prefer to get “Scrivenering”. Whether you are a content developer, blogger or student Scrivener will boost your productivity. 

It helps get the words out of your head, onto the screen, and into a form that is easy to work on. With other programs like Microsoft Word or Google Docs there can be a lot of friction between you and your creative vision. 

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Scrivener gets you from idea, to first draft, to final copy quickly while helping you organize your thoughts along the way.

According to Scrivener platform, “Whether you like to plan everything in advance, write first and structure later, or do a bit of both, Scrivener supports the way you work.”

best online content writing tools

When I first started using Scrivener I wondered if it would be useful to me as a writer on WordPress? After testing Scrivener for several weeks I had mixed feelings. It has an interesting platform and is very well made, but it doesn’t work for every type of writer. 

This program is an outliner for word processing designed for editors, authors and writers. It is a similar application to google docs and it does exactly the same job as that of google docs. 

It is also very good and easy to use but it is not commonly used by most content writers, which makes it one of the reasons it was not stated among the 5 best apps for beginners. 

This app was initiated in the year 2007 and since then it has been in existence doing it best for all content writers.

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Pro-Writing Aid

This is another grammatical error checker commonly used by professional writers. It also serves as an alternative grammatical error-correcting tool. It presents the writer's content with no grammatical blunders. Every correction made with this application is accurate, they are tested and have produced the best of corrections in time past.

best online content writing tools

It is designed to help writers be more professional when dealing with online article writing and other services that include article writing. While there are many software tools for proofreading, editing, and other various aspects of writing on the web, Pro-Writing Aid stands alone as the premier software choice for content providers.

The app provides both free and premium versions. As a beginner, the free plan could serve your purpose for the time being. As your business grows, you may decide to upgrade to the paid plan to enjoy the premium advantage.


Can is a widely used graphic design tool for content developers or bloggers who want to enhance their creative ability. It is very simple to use especially for those who have not developed an in-depth knowledge of graphic design.

best online content writing tools

The online-based graphics designing software was created to solve the problem of designing simple graphics.

The online content development tool is user-friendly and rich with templates that can help anyone who has good ideas but poor at designing skills. It is simple to use as it is drag and drop graphics online software.

It is good for any other person who needs to create content with images.


Copyscape is an online anti-plagiarism tool for content writers.

The most widely used online plagiarism detection service, Copyscape.com offers a comprehensive set of search, verification and monitoring tools.

This tool stands out among the several anti-plagiarism tool available online. Apart from aiding in pulling out unauthorized copies of your work by lazy writers, it also helps in ensuring your work is uniquely yours.

best online content writing tools

It helps you write content legally and use it all over the Internet. Here, you can detect plagiarized content in seconds and change it into unique, quality, catchy material for more traffic, conversions and sales.


Content Writing is a lucrative job. It is not an easy journey from newbie to a pro. The above tools, among many, is capable of turning a complete novice to a professional writer.

As a newbie, you have no cause to worry about involving in the paid version of some of the tools. The free versions are good to start with although with some limitation.

This post was written using some of these tools. They make the journey pretty easy.

Over to you.

Get your hands dirty with them. You'll love them. And should you have a question, please use the comment section.

Please share this post.

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  2. Hello there, just became aware of your blog through Google, and found that it is really informative.
    I am going to watch out for brussels. I will appreciate if you continue this in future.
    Numerous people will be benefited from your writing.

  3. Hello there, just became aware of your blog through Google, and found that it is really informative.
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  6. Do you mind if I quote a few of your articles as long as I provide credit and
    sources back to your blog? My blog is in the
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