7 Best blogging skills and How to Scale a Blog in 2022

If you are looking for how to scale a blog in 2022, then we've got a gist for you. Beside the millions of bloggers already in business of blogging, very many more new blogs will be opened in 2022.

No, I'm not a prophet! It just what is meant to be.

The shocking part is that there would definitely be no new ways to blog and a lot of blogs will miss the path. So there are certainties that you want to learn how to scale a blog in order to manage your new ideas well.

Blogging in 2021 has been considered a significant tool capable of passing values to your audience, creating traffic to both offline and online business, enabling a common ground for your clients to find you and consequently, generating massive revenues online. This involves several elements to scale a blog.

In fact, blogging has changed the market in terms of how things are bought and sold online.

More profitable is the fact that it allows you to establish a relationship with your audience, building trust and loyalty.

Blogging has also been identified as one of the most effective ways of creating an online income. A good number of people have made blogging their full time job after they discovered how lucrative it can be.

Through my years of experience with blogging, I have been able to find the most effective ways of making money from my blogs.

In this write up, I will be sharing with you some of the blogging skills that will help you scale a blog in 2022 and make it a full time job.

Blogging Skills and How to Scale a Blog (2022)

1. Master the art of Crafting powerful irresistible headlines

Powerfully irresistible headlines, yea!

Carrying an unecessary weight, you think!

I don't quite agree, but here is the thing.

Without a proper headline, you don't command a single attention, to start with.

Well, maybe you need a clue.

Have you ever heard that if you could spent an hour to create an article, it is justifiable to spend much more hours crafting a powerful irresistible headline and title?

Your headlines should be able to make your audience want to read the content you will posting in your blog.

In that case, they should be compelling enough to keep them reading every single line from top to finish. Of course, this implies that your content must align with the expected message from your headline.

In other words, you want to learn to master the art of crafting an irresistible headline with aim of attracting as much readers as possible and then convincing them into buying from you or subscribing to have information sent directly to their inbox about what you are blogging.

But that's if you want to really scale your blog in 2022.

Neil Patel made a post about the step by step approach to writing powerful irresistible headings

We humans are attracted towards bright and attractive images with captivating contents.

So keeping this concept in mind, you can also apply the skill of writing headline for your post with the help of two components i.e. “Emotion Trigger” or curiosity inducing words along with the action words.

To make your headline interesting, you can learn to use emotions to trigger your reader's curiosity, like:

Curiosity, Shock, Anger, Fear, Joy and Passion.

Learn to compile and capture different emotions to find which one works best for your blog, in so much that it could keep your audience glued to your business.

Headlines are not ordinary!

They form an important part of your blogging journey with spikes to how well you progress.

Bad headline, bad day!

Did you see this post that has got people writing me a mail? Come back and Click Here it when you're done

2. Ability to Write Engaging Content

You must have at several times heard that “Content is the King”.

I guess you also agree with this.

Obviously, people don't show interest in visiting a blog that does not cover contents of their interest on it.

And that's because of just one reason: Poor Content.

The main reason you are probably starting a blog is that you are not only passionate about some topics but interested in making money blogging, even with little traffic..

These, most likely leaves you with the desire to share your irresistible ideas with others,

…and expect the income to come from other passive means, e.g. Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, featured posts, Advertisements, etc.

This, as a matter of fact, is a factor you shouldn't overlook if you truly want to scale your blog in the coming years.

Now, the main thing required for making a successful blog is to create contents on different topics in an engaging way which will attract more visitors to your website.

Recall, this starts from, first, how you crafted your headlines, followed by how compelling each line of the post

To write engaging contents, you need to be aware of a few important factors:

1- Knowing your audience

2- Keeping in mind the main aim of your blog.

3- Being aware about what kind of articles are more likely attractive for your readers.

4- Writing contents based on facts and statistics which will increase the level of knowledge among people.

5- You can also write about your own experience.

In this way, you will enjoy the process of writing and at the same time, your articles will be very helpful for your readers.

So keeping up to their interests and writing engaging content will boost your blog traffic and help you scale up your blog in 2022.

3. Master Traffic Generation

Traffic is an important part of every business, and the same goes for blogs.

Traffic is the amount of people visiting your blog and reading your articles which eventually help you in making money blogging.

With the passage of time, your content become popular among users and search engines like Google also starts ranking them higher because of the quality content in it.

So here we will talk about how to generate traffic using the best strategies.

If you want to scale up your blog in 2022 then you need to know how to drive more traffic towards it.

One can achieve this by writing engaging contents that attract more people.

But, if you want to get success overnight then I think guest posting is the best way for doing this.

Guest blogging is the process of writing articles on other blogs and getting exposure in return which turn your readers into potential customers and finally increase your blog traffic.

If you want to know more about it and how can you scale up your blog with this then you can visit here.

Learn to Master Traffic Generation.

4. Ability to Improve Your Social Media presence:

Blogging is one of the best way to earn money online, no doubt.

But being successful in blogging does not only requires a good blog design or relevant contents but also an active social media presence which forms the basis of every business.

In fact, a good percentage of bloggers have preferred to grow a social media presence before starting out on blogging proper.

Not a bad idea at all!

So I suggest you to be active on at least two social media channels which will help you in reaching to more people and help you scale up your blog as well as business.

5. Ability to generate conversions using simple Techniques

Conversions are the main aim of every business, so it is with blogging as well.

If you want to earn money through blogging then you need high performing content that helps in generating conversions and sales for your business .

So here, in order to scale your blog in 2022, you want to take out time to learn how to generate real time conversions.

Over time, I have come to understand that there are a few most important thing to understand before you begin to generate conversions.

They are,

a) Perfect Landing page

b) Offer Relevance

c) Understanding Product Value

d) Use of Pop-ups and Sidebars for Generating Conversions.

6. Mastering Search Engine Optimization skills

If you want to improve the conversions of your blog then you need to optimize it for search engines like Google and Bing, especially.

By optimizing your blog for proper SEO, it would become easy for Search Engines to find your contents which in turn increase user engagement and trust on your brand.

This is very important for bloggers because high Social Signals and backlinks are not enough to get ranked on popular search engines.

To help me master SEO, I considered a thing around mastering longtail and short-tail keyword, backlinking, etc.

I have taken time to study many of the top websites today, here is some list of optimization tools that bring great value for money.

1# Google Adwords Keyword Tool – Find long tail keywords or phrases people use when searching online by using this free tool from Google Search Engine.

1. MOZ  – This is a SEO toolbar which will give you information about any website right on your browser screen, no more manual checking of web pages! You can check Page Authority, Domain Authority and even SERP position while browsing the net (Isn't it cool?) No more bookmarking your favourite web tools.

2. SEMrush – The best tool for checking the traffic of any website and also gives you ideas about keywords that can boost your search engine ranking.jyf

3. SEOquake  – This toolbar provides you general search engine optimization information about a website, such as the Alexa Rank of the website, when it was last updated, total number of links on that page and Google PageRank.

4. Ahrefs – Do you want to track your competitors backlinks without going to their site? Search Engine Journal says “Want to know where you competitors are getting backlinks? Ahrefs has a chrome extension that lets you do just that.”

7. Ability to Monetize Your Blog

The most important reason why most bloggers blog is to earn money. Isn't it?

This should have come first, you may say. Yes, but it's alright. No skill is more important. They all are.

To get successful in scaling your blog in 2022, you need monetization because without it, blogging is not profitable no matter how hard you work on your blog.

So here are some tips for monetizing your blog:

1- Using Google Adsense: It is the easiest and best way of making money through monetization. So if you don't know about this then I must say that it can help you in generating more revenue through advertising  and sponsored links which appear on the top, sidebar or below every post depending upon the settings selected by you.

2- Selling Your Own Products and Offering Affiliate programs: If you are an experienced blogger then you can sell your own products on your blog like Video courses, eBooks or software's. And if you want to make more money through blogging then you can also join affiliate programs of companies like ShareASale, Impact and CJ Affiliate which help marketers in earning more revenue by promoting services and products on their blog.

3- Offering Advertisement Space: If your blog is big enough (more than 10k monthly visitors) then you can try this option as well because it helps in generating good revenues  easily but for that,  you have to contact with advertisers  and convince them for placing ads on your website. You can try Adsence  or any other ad provider to get started.

Are you starting a blog in 2022?

It is imperative that you understand how to start a blog first, in line with searching for a profitable niche. But if you miss on that, you may just like me, spend long years search for the honey pot in blogging.

Take a look at a few profitable niches you can consider if you are really serious about scaling your blog in 2022.

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