14 Most Reliable Tips To Increase Online Sales Profit

Owning an online business is one thing, and making an amazing profit from it is another. In this post, I bring to you a carefully selected top 14 secret tips to Increase Online Sales Profit.

If you are not doing any of or a few of these simple tips, you are more likely leaving money on the table.

Many internet marketers are doing it extremely the wrong way. After spending time, money and exerting a lots of mental energies, some realize too late that they have not been fully grounded in the Art of SELLING.

Are you one also in this net? Don't worry, this post covers a lot of secrets you're are possibly overlooking. If you take actions on them today, you are likely to increase your online sales profit.

And if you are just starting out in the business of selling, then you are in the right place. I will do my best to cover as many tricks as possible. Actioning these tips can save you untold heartache.

Now, let's get into the real deal. It is no more news that selling your products online is difficult, yet one of the most lucrative online business you can venture into. Below are tips you don't want to overlook.

The Secret Methods to Increase online Sales Profit

1. Publish a Free Ebook as Give-Away

Give-away gifts are good ways to get your visitors to become close, long-lasting friends. You can create a free ebook and give it away on your website. It will increase your traffic, increase sales profits, as well as increase your subscribers.

You do not have to appear ‘salesy', all always selling something. Creating an avenue for your visitors to understand that your site is not all about getting their money also helps build trust.

Crafting a mindblowing caption or title to attract them, you could get them to hurriedly click to snatch the opportunity.

That's especially if your ebook solves their immediate problems. Captions like “Grab my E-book Worth Over $1000 for FREE” or “Increase Your Traffic By Giving Away this Free E-book”.

Remember to place emphasis on the word “…FREE”. It is a powerful word to use if you want to your increase online sales profit.

Another thing is, offer something that is really free. If people go to your site and what you said was free really wasn’t, you'll lose their trust and they won't buy anything. Say things like “Free Marketing Software! No purchase is required.” Another example, “Free Investing Report! You don't need to buy anything!”

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2. Compliment Visitors in Your Ad Copy

Do you like compliments? Then be rest assured your visitors might also like that too. When writing your ad copy, always give your visitors a polite expression of praise or admiration. Complement your visitors for making moves to read your ad copy.

Remember that in order to increase online sales profit, you really need to earn the trust of your visitors, subscribers or buyers online.

The compliments put them in a good mood and all smiley, one, because your copy is about to solve their problems, and two, you deem it necessary to make them feel important.

See this example, “you've made an intelligent move for taking time to read this message, (or watch this video)”. Another sweet one is, “You are a winner, yes, because you are trying to get over your obstacles”.

3. Create Products Only when there is a Strong Need

In order to increase online sales profit, you want to research a strong need for a product or service before creating the product. This alone helps to potentially increase sales profit in the long run.

Apparently, you need a market to sell your products or service. That's why you need to do thorough research into what your visitors' most needs are. You won't have anyone to sell your products and services to if you don't have a market.

You can sample audience opinions or reactions to your product or service using social media. Post articles on other Facebook pages, Facebook groups, posting regularly on Twitter to sample the reactions of your followers.

You could survey your email or blog subscribers or website visitors and just ask them what kind of products they are interested in. You could also use online polls as available on Facebook, Twitter, telegram, etc.

Another potent and of course, a powerful one is that you can also prepare something we call Minimum Viable Products (MVP).

It involves creating a blog post which suggests your product or service, run a paid ads to the blog post to sample opinions and reactions before you let out or create the product.

NB: An MVP is a version of a product with just enough features to be usable by early customers who can then provide feedback for future product development. The concept can be used to validate a market need for a product and for incremental developments of an existing product. – Wikipedia

4. Sell only a Few Relevant Products on your Website

Well, unless your website is an online book store where prominent writers books are sold, you don't want to push too much paid products to your visitors. You'll be seen as being too money conscious.

If visitors visits a website overwhelmed by so many products, they won't buy. Instead of selling a large number of digital products on your website, consider selling only a few products if you want to increase online sales profit.

Rather than promote a lot of paid products, consider giving up some for free along with the few or one paid product.

“Buy One of the Products below and Get a Free E-book”. How does this sound to you?

So, instead of creating too much product in order to increase online sales profit, consider to create other streams of income.

5. Create Other Streams of Income

There are several other ways to increase online sales profit besides selling your own products. You could join some affiliate programs, sell advertising space, etc.

For example, you can offer people a free e-book, whereas you can sell them e-book classifieds, inside the free E-book. Another example is to sell your own product then follow-up with a back-end offer from a related product from an affiliate program you have joined.

One more thing, apart from injecting affiliate links in contents, you could increase online sales profit by selling backend products to your customers right after they get your free content or free E-book. Take them to a “Thank you” page that includes other products you sell. This is referred to as “UPSELL”.

Example, if you were selling perfume you could offer make-up as a back-end product. Another example, if you were selling coffee you could sell coffee cups as a back-end product.

6. Try the Power of “P.S” in your Ad Copy

What this does is to raise the interest of your customers to take action without delay and hereby increase the sales profit.

When you see P.S. in an email message or E-book, it simply defines an addition to a letter or a mail (or eBook). It is short for postscript, defined as an addition to a letter. An example of P.S. is what a person writes after his signature in the letter if he forgot to include something in the body.

You can use the “P.S” at the end of your ad copy in order to repeat a strong benefit or use a strong close, like a free bonus.

For example, “P.S: You can get (product), worth over $500, for the low price of $10!” Another example, “P.S: I can not guarantee the bonuses will be here tomorrow!”

Does it work? yes, it does and powerfully too. Try it in your next ad copy.

7. Promote Customer Feedback

Customer feedbacks are a powerful instrument for digital marketers. Taking advantage of this simple step can take your business to your clients and get them to exchange their credit card for a value. Don't forget that these feedbacks are needed to build confidence and trust. The first area buyers want to check on is the feedback from other customers.

So, by asking for your customers to provide you with feedback, you're communicating that you value their opinion, and you care about what they have to say. Your customers feel important because you're treating them as such and they feel involved in shaping your product

Tell them you want their honest opinions about your business, whether good or bad. For example, “Please send us your comments, good or bad.” Another example, “Let us know how we can improve our web site or product.”

8. Ask people questions in your ad copy

You can ask questions that could make them think about their problems. Imagine this, “Do you want to be free of debt? Do you want to buy all the things you dream about?”

More examples, “Do you want to find the love of your life?” “Do you want to share your life with someone you love?”

9. Provide a “Contact Page” on your Website

Apart from providing a contact page, you should ensure that your customers, visitors or clients have a great way of reaching out to you. Give them as many options as possible, to contact you.

However, providing your phone number might bring about stress as you would likely be contacted by thousands of people across territories.

This is why you should use the contact page on your website, or Facebook messenger, WhatsApp chats, email or anyone you are likely to be in full control of. For example, you can contact me directly via my Contact Page or via email. If you prefer to chat with me on messenger, you can use the messenger chat app below or click here direct

This will add lots of credibility to your business and also increase online sales profit.

10. Avoid Ambiguity, use Colour in your Content or Ad Copy

You want to ensure that your audience understands everything in your ad copy. There is money in simplicity. Avoid words they may not know the meaning of. Define them. Make clear your information because the purpose of writing is to actually increase online sales profit.

Also design your packaging so it sells your products. Utilize colors and lettering that make your product more attractive to your prospects. You don't want colors that make it hard to read. For example, you don't want dark blue letters on a black background.

One more thing,

Make sure your website looks good on all browsers. You could be losing sales because it looks distorted in some web browsers.

For example, would you buy a product from a web site that had the text all chopped up, had images out of place or had distorted colours? I doubt it.

11. Using Emotional Triggers in your Ad Copy

Your readers need to have a feeling that they will get value for the money. They need to feel that excitement of becoming ‘wealthy' or that they will end up experiencing some form of reliefs if they buy. Your readers need to build true lasting confidence before and after they buy your products.

This is why applying strategies that could trigger their emotions is very important. You may wish to call it “promises”, offer “guarantees” or simply include other valuable mouthwatering opportunities.

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12. Promote Valuable Resources for People

Designing your website to be a valuable resource for people can increase online sales profit for your business. Include original content, add links to other interesting websites, e-books, software, etc.

For example, you could create mini-directories within your web site. It could be a content directory, free e-book directory, article directory, etc. People are more likely to come looking for new information on your website because of the confidence you have built.

Design your web site to be a targeted resource center. Choose one subject and build on it. You'll gain repeat visitors who are interested in that topic. For example, many websites deal with general website marketing topic. You can create a more targeted, loyal audience if your topic is specific, like viral e-book marketing.

13. Send Email Full Page Ads to your Subscribers

You can increase online sales profit also by sendng e-mailing full-page ads to your email subscribers.

But remember to seek their consent or tell them before they subscribe or they may consider your emails as spam.

For example, you could say, “By subscribing to this blog, we occasionally send out solo ads from our advertisers. This is how we can afford to give you this quality and original information for free.”

With my Email List Hack, you are guaranteed of enjoying free value on how to build an email list and generate multiple incomes with it.

14. Invest a Percentage of your Profits Back

One of the biggest mistakes Internet Marketers make is eating up all profits along with their capitals. No matter how small, learn to reinvest into your business by spending what comes in on marketing, product improvement, customer service, advertising, etc.

Let say, for example, you could take 20% of your profits and buy some paid advertising, or increase your ad spend. Or put back into the business in other ways like employing more hands to work with you.

Some times, in scaling your Facebook Ads, you may pump in more or all that comes in from a properly crafted Facebook advertisement.


There a thousand and one way to increase online sales profit. You may consider trying one, two or everything out, one or two at a time. All methods are allowed if you really want to master the art that puts money in your pocket all the time.

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