Jasper Ai Review: No. 1 Best Content Writing Tool

Having tried Jasper ai (formerly Jarvis), also referred to initially as Jarvis ai for over 3 months now, I have the pleasure to give my unreserved jasper ai reviews about the tool. The result is dope, wait for it. 

Since you’re here, I assume you are a writer or an aspiring content creator who is in search of the right reason to use jasper.ai (jarvis.ai).

Don’t worry, I have done everything possible by being as unbiased as possible in order to help you make the right choice between jasper.ai and any other automated content writing tool.

Creating better textual content in the form of articles, email swipes/copies, sales copies etc that sells is the dream of every content developer, blogger, or copywriter!

It is an interesting focus lane, and so you should enjoy creating articles, not struggling or enduring the pains of weak unrankable content. 

QUICK NOTE: Jasper AI was formerly Jarvis AI, CLICK for details

Jasper Ai Review (formerly Jarvis)

Some Common Facts on Content Writers’ Experience

  • You’re likely to have experienced the ‘writer's blocks’, an experience that has delayed you from coming up with great content. 
  • Most marketers have had to pay agencies so as to get better copies. 
  • 65% bloggers have preferred to outsource the content creation part of their business to professional writers on fiverr, upwork or freelancer. 

All hooked in similar situations, but a clear indication that writing, although interesting, may require far more than just a pen in hand, a paper, and a thinking mind.

These alone have shown that the importance of copywriting can never ever be overemphasized considering that every business depends on it to get the words out and convert into some sales.

A writer once said in copywriting, Conversion.ai  is currently wowing its users! But I had a different opinion then. Why weigh your writing on artificial intelligence when natural writing is capable of bringing out the best from real-time experience. 

I got two more testimonies, and then another. Only then did it occur to me that the power of artificial intelligence can not be overlooked. Although not to totally wipe off the ability of the human brains or capabilities, but to aid in getting the work done. 

See below Testimonials

WOW, you say?? 

Yea, I was also wowed! 

And this prompted me to invest in the tool just for a trial. But got deeply amazed at the outcome. 

Question is, did I write this review using JasperAI (Jarvis.ai)?

To this, I have a BIG YES waiting!

In another post, I’d show you a step by step process to write a complete blog post using Jarvis. In the same way, it relates the contexts exactly as I would compel my audience naturally.

If you have ever attempted to write but found yourself staring at the blank system, with a completely confused state over a simple article trying to figure out the right words, then you found a mate! 

I find myself in writer’s block a thousand and one times over. Winks.

What is Jasper.ai assistant (AKA Jarvis.AI)?

Jasper.ai is simply an Artificial Intelligence trained to generate original, creative content.

According to information on the Jasper.ai website, the world's best SEO and Direct Response Marketing experts were consulted to teach Jasperhow to write blog articles, social media posts, website copy and more.

Jasper.ai combines advanced machine learning technology with human intelligence to generate high-quality copy text. It uses an algorithmic process to understand patterns, trends, and relationships in language so that it can write extraordinary copy.

Conversion.ai was built by marketers for marketers and it is one of the powerful AI systems that use human input and algorithms to generate excellent results.

It is web-based quality software that instantly creates a great copy, and then goes through a rigorous proofreading process to make it more ‘crackproof’, and plagiarism free.

It is focused on simplifying your life as a writer!

But it’s not just meant to create high-quality copy… It’s also meant to help you write better, save time and make money by creating endless copies in less than 2 minutes (For the Writing Gods).

In brief, Conversion.ai (or Jarvis.ai) is a complete user-friendly tool that delivers great quality copy. It is the best solution for content marketers who are looking for an AI-based website that can help them write better texts, emails, sales letters etc.

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What is Jasper.ai based on?

If you have seen Jarvis ai copywriting tool at work, you may be amazed enough to ask, “what is conversion.ai based on?” It is important to understand what powers Conversion.ai to be an amazing marketing tool.

Conversion.ai is powered by GPT-3, which is a neural network that's been trained on trillions of words from any niche.

jasper.ai Robot
Jasper Ai

The Jasper.ai program is a GPT-3-based copywriting tool developed by OpenAI, which is an artificial intelligence research laboratory based in San Francisco.

The Generative Pre-Trained Transformer 3’ (GPT-3), a successor of GPT-2, is a third-generation language prediction software, created by OpenAI.

In essence, OpenAI, the AI research lab in San Francisco in California developed GPT-3, which is the current version.

GPT-3 uses a predictive method based on artificial intelligence to improve text analysis and machine translation, enabling computers to interpret texts with increased accuracy.

It takes into account which words people use most often so that it can more accurately predict which word will follow another, making it possible for computers to comprehend texts more accurately.

It can understand a wide variety of languages and this means it will be writing in local languages. It generates text that is similar to human language using deep learning.

What's even more appealing about this technology is that its ongoing research and usage should lead to even better outcomes. The GPT-3 may be upgraded to the GPT-4, which will almost always more likely result in a better outcome.

What kind of AI is Jarvis?

Jarvis is a text mining Artificial intelligence with NLP (Natural language processing).

AI means Artificial Intelligence. When we want computers to do tasks which human beings can perform easily, make them intelligent. With this, they can understand user requests and give appropriate results as well as take required actions.

Google, Facebook, Microsoft are some of the popular AI companies that have come up with their own version of artificial intelligence technology for the benefit of the mankind.

Advantages of Using Jarvis Ai

  1. Create unique material that ranks in search engine results by building high-quality educational blog entries that are both keyword rich and free of plagiarism.
  2. It cuts down on the number of people who need to be involved with creating content by employing Jarvis, which writes 80 percent of the material and 20 percent is completed by humans.. Finish your first draft 2-5 times faster.
  3. With Jarvis, you stand a chance to increase sales and reduce ROAS by creating more copy variants that also boost ad conversions with better copy.
  4. With Jarvis, you get free from writer's block.
  5. Scale up your content marketing fast. Repurpose existing content and generate new content without hiring junior writers.

Introducing Conversion.ai Long-Form Content Editor

The Long-Form Content Conversion.ai responds to the needs of bloggers or content creators. It gives them the advantage of writing long content at a stretch unlike the previous mode.

Conversion.ai long-form content is a great relief for bloggers, marketers, and content writers as it allows you to generate material more quickly and inexpensively without having to hire writers.

With the Long-Form content editor, you'll be able to generate long-form content that feeds the search engines and, more importantly, does it in a matter of minutes depending on how long you want your material to be.

With the Jarvis ai Boss Mode feature, you gain full control of the AI long-form editor. With this mode, you can write 2x faster by simply commanding jarvis. 

For example, type: Jarvis, write a Facebook ad for my new product” and instantly see the magic happen on the page. 

When you activate the Boss Mode, you can create blog posts and even books from start to finish.

Unfortunately, this feature is only unlocked in the Pro version to expose you to a new world of speedy auto-content generators.

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Jarvis.ai and SurferSEO integration partnership

In April 2021, SurferSEO took their blog page to announce the integration partnership between Conversion.ai and SurferSEO. This bonding is with a view to enhancing Artificial Intelligence content to rank for valuable keywords.


So, Surfer SEO is currently integrated with Conversion.ai, so while you're writing, you can be confident your material is optimized for SEO.

Having experienced the combo of both SurferSEO and Jarvis.ai, I discovered that they are able to come up with relevant high-quality contents.

SurferSEO provides some of the best SEO tools to help you build your organic traffic while Conversion.ai creates unique contents and keeps both search engine crawlers and readers happy.

This feature is only available in the pro version of Conversion.ai (Boss Mode).

Sign up or Activate Boss Mode Now.

Jasper.Ai Long Form Content Editor

Jasper.ai Long-Form Content Editor is a special mode that only unlocks in the Pro version.

This allows you to write long-form content from scratch using the new Long-Form Content Editor.

The Jarvis Long-Form mode is an amazing tool that increases user productivity by almost 3x, allowing you to write anywhere from 2,000 words to 40,000+ words in a matter of minutes.

You must know that Jarvis, like humans, is not a perfect machine. It is however a good helper for bloggers, content marketers, infopreneurs.

Another advantage is that switch to SEO mode and Power mode within the Long-Form Content Editor.

SEO Mode: This is powered by SurferSEO, a powerful SEO tool integrated into Conversion Ai to make writing blog posts more Search Engine Optimized.

Power Mode: This part ushers us into a world of opportunities with the power of Jarvis. Right in the Power Mode, you can find all types of content writing possibilities such as AIDA framework, PAS framework, Content improver, Product Description, Blog Post Topic ideas, and so on.

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How To Use Conversion.ai Long-Form Content Editor (See Video)

First and foremost, see the video below for a simple highlight of what's to be explained.

Hopping into the Long-Form editor, you'll find 3 modes.

  1. The Focus Mode
  2. The SEO Mode
  3. The Power Mode

Focus Mode: With the focus mode, you can write 2K words (Long-Form) in minutes.

SEO mode: This is powered by SurferSEO. It will allow you to optimize your articles even more for SEO. With this mode, that allows you to go out and rank for valuable keywords instantly.

Power Mode: Here, it opens up a world of opportunities with the power of Jarvis behind your back, allowing you to create Product Description, Welcome Emails, Landing Pages, Content Maps, Sales Letters, Press Releases etc. etc.

With the power of Jarvis, you can create all types of content under one umbrella. So, you don't have to waste time thinking about what to write next, just head over to the Power Mode and let jarvis do the rest for you.

Choose A New Workflow in Jarvis.ai

Just so you could test the conversion.ai software, you have to first create an account and take advantage of the first free 10,000 credit reserved strictly for you to test the software.

Once you have logged in to the dashboard, there you have the Boss Mode

jarvis ai review

Conversion.Ai review: Long-form content editor

In order to use the Long-Form Content Editor, you have to choose a new workflow. You can find it at the top right of your window where there's a dropdown menu.

If you're feeling creative and want to start from scratch with a blank page, go ahead and choose “New Workflow”. Hit the Long-form Assistant.

conversion ai review

It will take you to the page as exact as the above. Then select a starting point, (either Start from scratch or Blog Post Workflow).

Let's demonstrate with “start from scratch” option.

Starting from scratch opens a blank paged editor. On the left pane, you are required to describe what you want to write about.

Let's say we want to write about “The Adverse effect of eating too much fatty food”, so this will be typed as Title.

Under content description, you can describe the subject in the best way you want Jarvis to understand and position your blog post.

Set the tone of voice, either witty, serious, professional, simple, etc. Then set the keyword(s)

The title, content description, tone of voice and keyword you provide will be used to set JARVIS to work. This allows JARVIS to have a better idea of what you're trying to achieve.

That said, let's move to the next step.

Watch Jarvis at work

You can try out the program for free and signing up for an account. I also mentioned earlier that there's a 10,000 credit, and with it you can write a 10,000-word article using the free credit.

That done, let's hop over to the next most interesting facts about Conversion.ai you should not overlook easily.

Why should you use Conversion.Ai (Jarvis.ai)

Note this for sure! Jarvis is not a perfect machine all by itself.

Meaning, without you, Jarvis may not be able to do much. This is why it depends on you to provide the title, content description/brief, tone of voice as well as the article keyword.

  1. The fact that Jarvis ensures the authenticity of your content being an AI, Jarvis always wants to ensure that what you post is authentic and matches with your brand. So, if you're up to writing something which doesn't match with your brand's values so far, JARVIS won't work on anything outside its range.
  2. JARVIS cares about the voice and tone of your content, so whatever you write will sound as authentic as the brand itself.
  3. It makes use of patented semantic analysis technology to understand what it means. So, don't be surprised if Jarvis delivers a blog post which sounds exactly like you would expect. Before you head over to Jarvis, make sure what you write is of value to your readers. This way, they will come back for more and you'll get accurate results from Jarvis.
  4. It's has a FREE trial period! With this new AI technology, there is no limit as to how much content you can produce.
  5. It is easy to use. The best part is that present unlimited words
  6. Jarvis lets you create more content faster than ever before. It is equipped to recognize patterns in your own writing style so it can reproduce it automatically for new posts.
  7. This saves you the hassle of thinking about what to write next! JARVIS takes care of that instead while you edit further to portray your brands voice.

Let's Check out its features

Features of conversion.ai (VIDEO)

As you can see, the software comes loaded with loads of templates you can bounce on right away and grow your brand.

Are you a copywriter, take advantage of the AIDA framework templates, PAS framework, Feature to Benefit, etc.

Aside from that, you are at liberty to exploit other templates like email, website, blog, ads, ecommerce, social media, Google ads, Video, SEO & much more templates at your disposal.

The software is simple to navigate and use, even for a novice.

Is Jarvis Ai Worth it?

I would say that yes, it is worth it. The results are there and having an automated approach to your website optimization can help you focus on other projects or even delegate tasks like this one if needed.

You get the results you want with little work from yourself beyond creating a plan for what areas of your site need the most attention first.

Is Jarvis ai free?

Jarvis Ai comes with two plans.

A Starter Plan includes Includes 20,000 Words/month, Up to 600 Characters/Output, 50+ Copywriting Templates, Unlimited User Logins, 5 Project Folders, 25+ Supported Languages, Chat Support, and AI Copywriter's Community.

With the Starter Plan, you can write short copy like ad headlines and descriptions with 50+ templates. You also enjoy a free trial period of 7 days (

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The Boss Mode is yet another plan with more functions such as character/output of up to 3,000, Command Jarvis, Recipes, SEO Mode, Plagiarism Checker, Grammarly, 50+ Copywriting Templates, 1 User Login, Unlimited Project Folders, 25+ Supported Languages, Chat Support and AI Copywriter's Community.

With this plan, you can write long content like blog articles and social media posts 5X faster

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Using Jarvis to Generate Ai content in other languages

A recent addition to the platform called boss mode increases the features and productivity of this long-form editor even more, which we will be discussing in a later section of this Jarvis.ai Review.

Generate AI Content In Other Languages It's definitely worth noting that this tool isn't just available for the English language. They advertise that they can handle 25+ languages. You can use this tool to translate from one language to another or write in that specific language from the start.

English is my first language, but I've had to use several other tools to generate Ai content in English in the past. This is definitely one of the main benefits for me. It saves time and energy because you don't need to hire an expensive content writer or do it yourself when you can let Jarvis AI Writer generate your articles for you!

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