Powerful tools you can use to speed up blogging Profits.

Now you have a blog. It's time you think you should begin to earn rewards from your blogs. You are set to become a profitable blog owner.

You think you should be making millions of dollars already. But on the other side, the question pops up again and again, ‘is blogging profits or monetization just a tale? Are there things to put in place to actually speed up blogging profits without spending years?

First things first, you should understand that blogs are not magic beans that just grow because you (plant) start them. Blogs are way bigger than that. They're likened to seeds. Seeds don't just germinate, they're various things you need to ensure before reaping a good harvest. It's the same thing for blogs.

You'll need tools that would help you turn your simple blog into a money-making machine. At the end of this post, you will definitely be able to get your blog to the next level.

Can I make money from blogging?

The short answer is Yes. The long answer is Yes, but it’s not just about the money because, really, who just cares about money? (Am I right?) The truth is that there are a lot of great ways to make money from blogging. You can make money from blogging if you know how.

This is a question that Bloggers and Content Marketers, in general, asks. You're probably asking yourself the same. This is why you found this post on google anyway.

Well, as long as your blog keeps growing, it is bound to make money for you, again, especially if you know how to make money with it. The growth of your blog (or rather say speedy growth) depends on the type of business strategy you chose to adopt.

Is it an affiliate blog, is it a coaching blog or it is a blog that focuses on other niches under health, relationship, etc?

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How long does it take to make money from a blog?

How long it takes to start earning an income from a blog is highly variable. It depends on the type of blog, your niche, how much time you can dedicate to your blog, and how hard you want to work at it.

But there's one rule of thumb that'll help give you a sense of where you stand: Remember that money won't happen overnight. Don't invest months building your blog if your goal is just to make a few bucks.

First things first, you need to own one, in that, you continue to keep up with gradually becoming a profitable blog owner.

What do I need to own a profitable blog?

There are certain essential elements, besides your writing skills and content ideas, that are absolutely necessary to build your blog up to a level where it will pay for itself. You probably need a good domain name and web hosting (which you can get with some coupons).

The domain name should be short, memorable, easily shared on social media, search engine optimized (SEO) and match your niche.

You also need a stellar theme with an excellent design. If you’re not tech-savvy, you can’t build your own blog. And even when you manage to design a blog yourself, it takes time and money. That’s why we have professional WordPress designers to help us in creating a stunning, feature-rich design that will make your blog stand out from the crowd.

A fantastic blog design can keep readers on your website for a longer time, a good sign to reduce bounce rate. To have a good blog, you need some interesting topics, and also a professional graphic design.

In some Facebook groups, you'll find newbies with questions like how to make money from their blogging the first week of launch.

Is Auto-Blogging and AdSense anything to Hold on to?

If given the opportunity, ‘auto-blogging would be highly preferred by many bloggers as a way of generating content for their blogs. This they might want in a bid to getting the approval of Google Adsense on their blog.

See this post on Facebook, a question asked on March 20, 2021. The poster's concern is driven by an intent to have an easy ride on content creation. But is auto-blogging legal? Can it actually help speed up blogging profits in a short time?

You see, every blogger wants to grow his blog and begin to earn thousands of dollars monthly, and within a short time.

But it does not happen that way as there are steps that ensure blog growth. I've seen a lot of new bloggers already seeking Google AdSense or buying blogs with AdSense approval already in place.

Can Google AdSense generate money for you if you have no adequate following?

To actually speed up blogging profits by using AdSense, you may need up to 10,000 regular visits to begin earning big with the ad network.

This post focuses on the exact things you can do to help you speed up blogging profits. If you follow them carefully, your blog is bound to become competitively profitable.

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Powerful Strategies that can speed up Blogging Profits

You want to begin to earn massively from your blog post, what can speed up the process, what can help you begin to cash out from that blog of yours?

There are lots of methods of making money from your blog. We put together 3 tools to speed up blogging profits without getting your hands dirty.

There are, however, various ways to speed up blogging profits even though you have low traffic to your blog. Google AdSense is not one of them, but it is a good way to actually become a profitable blog owner. There are alternative ways to speed up blogging profits. Pay close attention to this part. It is going to blow your mind.

Building an Effective Email List

Don’t have an email list? Well, you’re not alone, that’s for sure. But you’re also leaving a lot of money on the table. The fact is that if you don't build an email list, chances are pretty good that you're going to start losing money.

With a consistently growing email list, you are at a high tendency of ‘escaping Mark's sharp swords' (as posted by a troubled victim of a Facebook ads account ban). For that alone, Email marketing stays as the number tool you need to begin to speed up blogging profits.

You could become a profitable blog owner without breaking the bank with social media ads.

Email marketing is the act of sending commercial messages to a group of people using email.
Every email sent to a customer can be termed email marketing.

An email list can Speed Up Blogging Profits
Source: Wazobia Times.

Do you want to know how bloggers make money? Number one: their blog. They monetize it through affiliates, sponsored posts, and selling products. Facebook advertisement does not allow the promotion of affiliate links. This is where your email list comes to the rescue.

But how can you possible build your email list?

An email address is the most important asset an Internet marketer can ever have. It's your direct line of communication with your subscribers or customers. They are now part of your business and you won’t be able to ignore them if you intend to run a successful online business.

With email marketing, you can promote your latest blogs, blogs injected with your affiliate links, or run affiliate promotions without being queried by anyone.

You can easily sell your ebooks and membership sites when you have a group of loyal audiences who constantly enjoy your email messages.

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Promoting your Blog using WhatsApp

A lot of people think that WhatsApp is simply a messenger service and it has no other benefits. However, there is much more that can be done by WhatsApp for blogging and for traffic generation purposes.

WhatsApp has truly been a game changer when it comes to communication. The messaging app is slowly revolutionizing the way we connect with each other. And you can use WhatsApp to speed up your blogging profits.

In the past year, WhatsApp has added more than 300 million active users and seen a growth rate of nearly 50%–wonder what the next year will look like?

Speed Up Blogging Profits using whatsapp
Source: WhatsApp

Do you know that internationally known bloggers that bring in millions of dollars use WhatsApp to promote their products or services? It's the biggest communication tool in the world, people have no doubt over this. But for a blogger, it can be a double-edged sword.

With over 2 billion active users, you can run a zero targetting advert to your WhatsApp from Facebook, share valuable gifts, get people's eyes glued to your status for new updates, draw traffic source from there to your blog, build a large daily following, and make money through available strategies.

If you want to grow blog post views, WhatsApp is a great tool for you to leverage on free traffics, your WhatsApp status becomes where you promote your blog post. Growing your WhatsApp is easy if you know what to do .

Leverage the power of Facebook Messenger Bot

The usefulness of Facebook messenger bot for your business blog or website can not be over-emphasized. The multi-purpose messenger app come loaded with possibility of growing an email list as well as speed up blogging profit in a short time.

The amount of time that users are spending on messaging apps is astounding. It has been predicted that by 2020, people will spend over 80% of their time on messaging apps.

profitable blog owner

With 1.2 billion people and counting on the Facebook Messenger platform, it is no surprise that advertisers are currently flocking to this channel and many businesses are also scrambling to jump on board.


Blog growth is connected to blog profits, when your blog grows, automatically it produces money in return. Seek the growth of your blog and money begins to flow into it.

To speed up blogging profits is not something you can achieve in a twinkle of an eye. I have this to say, that it may require weeks, months and some times, years of smart work, consistency, passion, on a great niche, and lots of creativity some times.

Are you new to blogging? Tell us about what you think you can do to speed up blogging profits. If you have a challenge, don't be shy, drop a comment, who knows, someone out there would respond. Above all, I am here to make it a lot easier.

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