5 Recommended WordPress Themes for Websites

Do you need a great-looking website? There are hundreds of thousand of WordPress themes out there to chose from.

Sometimes, you may be confused between 2, 3, or more themes for your business.

We took the pains to select a few we have tested and trusted as recommended WordPress themes for your business.

Gone are the days when you need the knowledge of coding before you can design a responsive website.

The days when you must be proficient in the use of coding language, before your blog can stand out from others, in terms of appearance.

Due to the advancement of technology and the advent of Content Management System (CMS), WordPress users can develop and build a website, without having any prior knowledge of coding.

One of the most important parts of your blog is what theme you chose.

It’s what will set your website apart from everyone else. Thankfully there are thousands of different themes to choose from including everything from clean and modern themes to old school “bloggy” ones.

You must be able to identify which of the ‘recommended WordPress themes' best fit your business especially as this is capable of giving your blog or website an impressive look.

But… What is a WordPress Theme?

WordPress theme – is a set of files that serves as a foundation for your site. A theme — template — gives form to your content and establishes which style (or database) to use, among many other things.

WP theme contains the design of your website. Everything is created visually instead of writing code, and a theme can make your life much easier when it comes to customization.

Imagine the huge bank of WordPress themes in the theme marketplaces, ThemeForest for example.

It may be quite difficult to find a theme that would meet the taste, style, and brand of your business if you are not guided.

Some themes will not only enhance the beauty of your blog but also boost its SEO and consequently, its position in search engine ranking.

Furthermore, before deciding on the type of WordPress theme to use, you should first understand that WordPress themes are in categories.

Some themes are only meant for some specific niche, and some can work for several other niches.

Notwithstanding, regardless of any type of WordPress theme, you will be able to discover the one that suits the purpose of your blog in our list below.

If you're planning to install a new theme, it's always best to understand what it is exactly. That way, you can determine whether it has the features that appeal to you or not.

So, let's get started with our recommended WordPress themes for your website. 


recommended wordpress themes
Image from Astra Website

Yeah, some themes are only meant for some particular website, but not the case with Astra. Astra is a WordPress theme that is suitable for any type of website.

Little wonder why it made it easier to our list of recommended WordPress themes.

It lets you fully customize your website to your desired taste.

You can get your dream website customized all by yourself without hiring a professional with an Astra theme.

The free version of the Astra WordPress theme can take your business miles away, however, the pro version comes loaded with supercharged functionalities you don't want to miss.

If you think it's time to get started, get the Free Astra theme now.

Divi – by Elegantthemes

Image captured from https://elegantthemes.com

The list of best WordPress themes won't be complete without mentioning Divi themes as one of our recommended WordPress themes for your business.

Divi is one of the most recognized WordPress themes among the hundreds of thousands of WordPress themes out there. 

The website comes with a lot of features and works perfectly for any website type, however, the cost of this theme may be quite expensive for you, if you are just starting, however, the cost of the theme worths its efficiency. 

The theme costs $89 for a year package, and  $287 for lifetime usage, you can decide on which package you can afford, and start enjoying the numerous benefits of this theme.

You can get the theme, on Divi official website 

Genesis-by StudioPress

Here is another WordPress theme you can use to fully customize your website from scratch. It's easy to customize and can be used for several niches.

However, it would be best if you are using this theme for an entertainment niche. 

There is no way this would not make it to our recommended WordPress themes. It is unique and popular. I have used this for creating websites and blogs for several clients.

I stumbled upon the Genesis wp theme while looking for some premium wedding themes; fortunately, it comes with a pretty reasonable price.

I am a lover of lightweight themes and like to implement them into my client site.

Genesis WP theme is one of the best lightweight themes, one of the ‘parent’ themes of popular child themes including genesis, genesis simple, genesis framework, genesis dynamic menu.

It has one of those powerful and clean templates your can ever think of for your WordPress site or blog.

Notwithstanding, this theme is a premium theme but you can check out the demo version, before deciding on whether to get the theme or not, however, thousands of WordPress users are testifying the uniqueness of this theme. 

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Captured from GeneratePress Website

GeneratePress is one of the most advanced yet easy-to-use WordPress themes around – for those who want a lightweight theme with custom logo support and a bunch of different layout options.

This multipurpose blog theme is perfect for personal blogs, magazine websites, review-based sites, creative portfolios, business websites.

If you care for lightweight themes, then using GeneratePress for your blog will enhance the usability and speed of your blog. 

It is a free WordPress theme, which can suit any need as per your requirements and is more than what you should expect from a free WordPress theme.

As of today, GeneratePress has reached the milestone of 500,000+ Downloads.

Another advantage of using GeneratePress is that it leaves you with no worry about any type of page builder.

This theme is proven to work with all page builder types, such as Elementor, Beaver Builder, etc. 

Generatepress comes with a lot of features to enhance user's experience, in addition, it's translated into over 25 languages, and uses HTML/CSS.

Download the theme now


Without mincing words, I can tell you categorically that OceanWP is one of the best lightweight WordPress themes for websites and blogs.

If not for anything else, then it is for the fact that it is built with SEO standard code and a responsive layout to be adaptable for any device. The theme uses the latest HTML5 and CSS3 techniques, simple pages that load fast, and custom features and options which allow you to use it as a full-featured blog or to create your own website.

Thousands of users have chosen this WordPress theme as their favorite website theme, because it comes with a lot of unique features and is compatible with several WordPress page builders, such as Beaver Builder & Elementor, and others.

The theme is easy to install, it's easy to customize without professional help, and it also comes with a premium extension. 

Jannah – Blog Specific WP Theme

This theme just have to make it to our recommended wordpress themes for blog especially.

Jannah is one of the best blog-specific WordPress themes for news blogs. Its responsive design makes your content look good on mobile, tablets, and desktops.

Jannah is a perfect theme from an SEO perspective as it can be usable with all the powerful plugins in the marketplace.

Jannah is a remarkable news blogging theme. It has also some cool features that make it so amazing. It can be used for news blogs, magazines, newspapers, portals, and many other types of blogs.

It provides backend options to choose flexible and customizable layouts. It also comes with widget area, posts carousel for latest articles, advertising blocks for advertisements, masonry style blog post grid view, shortcode for features and many more useful options under its belt.

If you want your content to be viewed in a beautiful aesthetically pleasing environment – not a generic blogger template, then consider Jannah.

Why you should select a Unique WP theme

If you are serious about starting an online business, one of the things we recommend is owning a website to showcase your business. The look of your website can define your business as you need to maintain a proper branding and corporate representation to your clients or audience.

This list of recommended WordPress themes isn't to say that there are no other beautiful and qualified themes on ThemeForest or other theme market places. But our selection is simply based on personal user experience which I consider enough to convince you of our preferences.

It is not that hard to get a wordpress theme but it is important for you to select one which can be unique and differentiate your business from the rest. When you are selecting one you have to be careful that it should be creative and must be something very different and out of the box compared to what others are using.

Having a professional website can generate bigger leads. Whether you are in the retail business or publishing data, it's about having an internet site that gives actual information regarding what you do.


There are multipurpose WordPress themes, and there are niche-specific WordPress themes. Being able to decide which one to use could be quite intimidating and confusing at times.

I hope this article has been able to give you an insight on some recommended WordPress themes you can use to design your website or blog

If there are still some things you would like to know before choosing about these themes, kindly drop your question in the comment box, and we will gladly attend to you. Thanks for getting engaged.

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