5 Best Places To Sell Your Low Content EBooks

You are likely on this article to get answers to the question of the best places to sell low content ebooks.

A few years ago, I remember seeking answers to this popular question from a few mentors. The responses I got were not enough to satisfy my curiosity. I went all out to even buy some online courses that teach how to run an Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, a few of which didn't go beyond Amazon KDP.

You will obviously not escape this part.

If you've recently begun selling low-content books on Amazon, you may be wondering if you can enhance sales by uploading your books to multiple sites.

There are a few locations other than Amazon where you may list your low-content books.

What is a low content eBook?

A low-content book is one that needs little or no unique written content. These books frequently show a collection of something or urge readers to participate in certain activities within the book.

They are the types of books (or ebooks) that have very little content inside, and sometimes there isn't any content in them at all!

Nowadays, many people make a profit from creating low-content books. 

Why should you write a Low Content eBook?

First, writing is not as simple as people imagine. Some claim good writing talents may be learned or born naturally.

We both know that although this may be true, it doesn't play out as is in all cases.

It takes a long time to create a great article or booklet for the next great smash. If you can't write a novel, a short book can help you get published without using a ghostwriter.

You may simply rebrand a PLR ebook to yours and sell all you want.

The ISBN: A Unique Advantage to Consider

Getting ISBNs for your books is something to consider before listing them elsewhere. Amazon provides free ISBNs to KDP writers who submit books. But you can only use that ISBN to sell books on Amazon. If you wish to sell your books on other platforms, you will need to get your own ISBNs.

This is obviously why Amazon is considered the No. 1 place to sell low-content ebooks. And of truth, a lot of money is being made from selling these low-content ebooks.

Best Places to Sell Your Low Content eBooks

Amazon KDP

Since this is not a post about alternative places for selling low content ebooks, I will like to include Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (Amazon KDP) on the list.

I also like to say it is usually the first place to consider when your low content ebook is ready for publishing.

This is usually where most individuals begin and end their low content bookselling journey. I'm assuming you're here to learn about other places where you can list your books. So, going into much detail under this subtopic won't be necessary.

However, you must know that Amazon unlike other places may require more than the expectation in terms of subscription, ISDN, etc.

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Yet another online book publishing site for writers, Ingramspark helps you to print, distribute internationally, and manage your print and ebook publications.

So, if you have low content ebooks to sell, Ingramspark is another place, just like Amazon KDP and the others. if you want to make more money from your products, you want to diversify your revenues by adding Ingramspark to your list of potential online publishing sites.

The only challenge with Ingramspark is that they have a selection of low content ebooks they accept. This means that they do not accept all low-content novels.

If your book has more than 10% blank pages, you cannot sell a low content book through IngramSpark.

Amazon Seller Central

Sell low content ebooks

This option takes a bit more effort on your part, however, it gives you more flexibility in your listings. You can add more product photos of your books and more detailed listings than what is offered in the KDP platform.

Despite that it takes more of your effort, it provides you with greater control over your postings. You may upload more product images and descriptive listings than the KDP platform allows.

Again, you'll need a print on demand book source. This isn't the best choice, but it adds up.

You can try it too. Although it comes at a cost of $39.99 a month, with a selling fee.

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Etsy is one of the best places to sell ebooks. You want to take a look at how marvellous this can be.

Sell your low content ebooks
Example of Low Content eBooks on Etsy

If you are looking for a place to get started, you want a global online marketplace where people come together to create, sell, buy, and collect one-of-a-kind goods.

Just like Amazon KDP, there are two approaches to selling eBooks on the platform, and they differ based on the type of book you wish to sell.

Either you offer them as Printables or simply partner with a print-in-demand book firm to sell physical copies.

Different types of low-content materials are sellable on Etsy such as lined journals, puzzle books, workbooks, coloring books, bullet journals, or printable journals.

But there are a few conditions to sell low content eBooks on Etsy, one of which is majorly the restriction of not being allowed to sell printable journals if you sell lined journals.

I mean, if you're only selling lined journals, you won't be able to sell printables because anybody can acquire lined pages from a notebook.

And as mentioned earlier, if you prefer to sell physical copies of your book, you will need to collaborate with a print-on-demand firm that specializes in book printing.

Another point of note is that Etsy charges a fee. Although each listing on Etsy costs $0.20, you can be allowed to receive your first 40 listings for free.


If you have been running an eCommerce store for a while now, chances are that you would have stumbled on Shopify. Shopify would be the same as using Etsy to sell your low content books in that you would either need to sell printables or partner with a print-on-demand book vendor.

Major Differences between Shopify and Etsy


There are two significant distinctions between Shopify and Etsy. Etsy is a well-established marketplace, so you are mostly competing with other Etsy vendors. But with a Shopify store, you compete with the internet.

Ads or effective SEO will be required to generate visitors to your Shopify site.

In the end, you will be responsible for driving traffic to your business, whereas Etsy already has a consumer base, making it easier to get people in.

Management Cost

Etsy is inexpensive initially but costly thereafter. Then there's Shopify.

Setting up an Etsy store to sell your low content ebooks is free, but listing may come with a fee. Once you start selling, Etsy takes a portion. Every sale includes a 5% transaction fee, a $0.20 delivery cost, and a $0.20 renewal fee. This might pile up over time.

On the other hand, though. They charge $29 per month for a basic account that doesn't charge for transactions or listing fees. Shopify's fees are shown here, so you can see them.

So if you are comparing Shopify and Etsy, Etsy is the best place to start until you make a lot of money and can start getting people to come to your site on your own. Then, it's time to switch to Shopify and start making money.

Which of the book publishing platform is best?

It is actually hard for me to say anyone on the list provided is the best as they have all been a source of financial upliftment to many young publishers.

All I can say is that you should go for one after the other until you have completely tested each and every one. I recommend that you use what works for you, in fact, I have accounts on all platforms and have personally seen the best in all, and the worst in none.

However, let's be frank here. Amazon KDP is simply the most popular place to sell low content ebooks or self-publishing content.

Last Words

By selling low content ebooks, you can earn some money. Whether you have minimum writing skills and limited abilities, limited time, or little experience then you can sell your ebooks through existing platforms like Amazon KDP, Ingramspark and Etsy.

I hope this helped you think of new ways to monetize your low-content books.

Amazon KDP is by far the cheapest and easiest choice. However, if you currently have books selling well, it may be worth putting them on other sites.

If you want, Amazon KDP may be a launching pad. Once you start selling, there are so many ways to grow!

So over to you, which one of the above-mentioned eBooks do you think is best? Let's hear from the comment section.

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