Stakecut Affiliate Marketplace Review: Reason Why you Must Register Now

Money making is hard, you don't want another difficult affiliate marketplace to waste time on. For this reason, I decided that you must hear about Stakecut Affiliate Marketplace, hence this review.

I am bringing this stakecut review with a view to helping you find a more reliable place to make money online doing affiliate marketing in 2022.

As one of the first 100 privileged to beta test the Stakecut Affiliate Marketplace when it was launched, it only makes sense for me to show you why I think it's a place to start if you wish to take your business global.

Stakecut Review

What's in this Article for you?

Records have shown that the poverty headcount rate in Nigeria in 2022 is 42.6%. What this is implying is that there will be about 95.1 million poor people living in Nigeria today, if not more.

According to the World Bank poverty report, Africa as a continent has grown substantially in extreme poverty since 1999, It seems that when you look on every side, there seems to be bad news, that is why I have taken my time to write not just a review, but a guide to show you how to can leverage on to change your life for good, just like a few others have.

This is to quickly deliver the stakecut review with a focus on a few things that you need before you register.

You are about to understand a system that allows you to take affiliate orders in Dollars and major African currencies.

What Is Stakecut?

Stakecut is an affiliate cart system that aims to expand beyond African borders by offering affiliates the opportunity to earn dollars while also listing their ecommerce or digital products and services on its platform.

As stated in Stakecut corporate goal, “the company prides itself in its promises to help 100,000 Africans set up a legit and highly profitable business online and sell to the world without any form of barrier or limitation.“

Stakecut is one of Africa's best Borderless Business Systems.

It is a non-complicated Affiliate Cart System that allows you to accept affiliate orders in US Dollars from major countries worldwide and get paid in multiple currencies by simply “copying and pasting a single line of code onto your website”, as gathered on the Stakecut Affiliate marketplace.

With Stakecut, you can now sell and be paid in any currency while exporting your skills, knowledge, and physical products from Africa to the rest of the world.

Stakecut was founded in 2022 by two prolific personalities in the online space; Nonso Nnamani and Joshua Mba.

From findings, stakecut affiliate marketplace is beyond affiliate marketing as it will help you build a broader online business experience, even if you wish to sell your own digital and physical products.

According to the two creators, stakecut promises to be different from other affiliate programs in Africa. And one of such differences is that it is 100% free, unlike Expernaire and Learnoflix, also created by some other top internet marketing gurus in Nigeria.

In Stakecut, all programs are made free to access so you do not have to pay anything to start using the marketplace; this means that you have nothing to lose.

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What is the Stakecut's Corporate Goal?

The company prides itself in its promises to help 100,000 Africans set up a legit and highly profitable business online and sell to the world without any form of barrier or limitation.

Why is Stakecut Different From Other Affiliate Platforms in Nigeria?

Stakecut is not your average affiliate marketing program, it digs deeper to answer the needs of Africans. Helping Africans see the need to get paid in foreign currencies.

However, these are a few things to note about Stakecut and why it is different from other affiliate platforms.

1. Absolutely free to join

Unlike other affiliate marketing programs, stakecut is 100% free to join. With Learnoflix you need about $100 (70,000 Naira) to gain access to courses you'd like to promote. On the other hand, participation with Expertnaire goes with nothing less than $24 (N10,000 Naira) renewable every year if you wish to continue using.

2. Signup is straightforward

The signup process for stakecut is not only easy, but it is also fast. you can signup for the program in less than two minutes. The website is responsive and fast. When you register on the platform all the benefits are immediately available to you to use, you do not need to pay to unlock any exclusive perks.

3. Duplexity, second to none

Most affiliate platforms allow you to choose between being a vendor or an affiliate. Stake cut allows you to choose both if you want to, plus it’s free, you can promote your own online courses for free with just one click.

4. Only High-Value Courses

Stakecut only allows quality and high-value courses to be on their platforms, so you can be assured that all you would be promoting on the platform is nothing but the best.

Take a look at an example of the kind of product you can either promote as an affiliate or purchase to learn. It's a complete done-for-you sales page design, sales copy, ads copy, graphics design and sales closing training for Affiliate Marketers by Joshua Mba.

5. Wide Range of Selection

You will be able to choose from the various range of courses to promote, stakecut has hundreds of good products that are in high demand that you can pick and promote. You will be able to pick from a wide range of products that are in high demand.

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6. Good Commission Rates

As an affiliate, nothing is as spirit-lifting as an affiliate commission. You will be able to live large with your affiliate earnings; the commission rates are very favourable, which stand mostly between 30% and 50% commission for the sale of any product.

7. Fast Customer Service

If you have any problems or issues with your account, you can get them resolved quickly with their 24/7 customer support program.

What are the Signup Requirements for Stakecut?

Stakecut is a free affiliate program with no upfront payment. All you need is an email, and that’s all. You can register quickly and easily on the program.

Is Stakecut Legit?

Stakecut is 100% legit, it is founded by two great entrepreneurs; it is free to join so there is nothing to lose. It is safe, it is secure and it is free.

Features of Stakecut

This is what you should expect after signing up on stakecut, you will have this interface opened to you.

  1. Affiliate Dashboard: You will be greeted with your affiliate dashboard, your affiliate dashboard shows your rank on the platform, your total earnings and the money you have earned currently.
  2. Market Place: The marketplace shows you all the hot-selling products to promote. As an affiliate all you have to do is to pick one and start promoting, you can promote courses like the complete done for you sales system, WhatsApp to ecom and many others like that.
  3. Find Contest: You will be able to participate in contest hosted by vendors on the platform to win cash prices, laptops or smartphones. By joining the contest you too can win amazing prices on stakecut.
  4. Approved Products: Just like I told you earlier, stakecut only accepts high quality and in demand products, this is where you will see products that are in demand and in high quality approved just for you. This will show you everything about the product, the name, vendor, conversion rate and the price of the product.
  5. Best Sellers: Here you will be shown all the top vendors in stakecut, so you can be able to choose top high in demand products that converts easily.
  6. StakeCut University: You will learn how to become good in driving sales and how you too can launch your own online product.

How Can I Make Money On Stakecut?

There are a good number of ways to make money on stakecut, and I will be listing them below.

Affiliate Program: You can join the affiliate program and unlock the opportunity to sell high-in-demand quality products, site members and other services for a commission. By promoting these products, you get paid by commission.

Promote Your Freelance Services: Are you a freelancer? Is it hard to come across clients? Then stakecut can do that for you, you can promote your skills in stakecut and allow other affiliates to look for a client for you.

Become a Vendor: Do you have already made products but you are suffering from low sales? You can make money by placing your products on stakecut and affiliate marketers will do the work for you.

That is how easy it is to make money on stakecut, all you have to do is just follow the process. If you are a complete newbie you have nothing to worry about, Stakecut University will help you know how to sell and how to launch your own high-value product.

How Much Can I Make On Stakecut?
This is left for you to decide how much you want to make on stakecut, the sky is really the limit, and you can achieve any amount of money you want, depending on your efforts and agility. You can make from 1,000$ to 100,000$ monthly, it all depends on you. The more sales you make, the more revenue you generate. So you have to decide how much money you want to make on stakecut and then put in the efforts, the sky will be your limit.

Who Can Join Stakecut?

Anyone in Africa can join stakecut. Whether you stay in Nigeria, Uganda or South Africa. You can join and get paid easily and quickly. Your country is not a barrier, you can access stakecut easily and quickly from anywhere in the world.

How Can I Get Paid In Stakecut?

As soon as you make a commission, you can get paid easily by Paypal or bank transfer. Stakecut offers quick and fast payments, as you work your ear. Stakecut is regarded as the click bank for Africans. So you can make a living working from home by using stakecut and its services.

Who is Stakecut really for?

Are you wondering if stakecut is really for you? Then wonder no more, stakecut is for you if:

  1. You live In Africa: Do you live in Africa? If yes then stakecut is for you, it’s no doubt that Africa has been labelled a poor continent mostly because of our leaders, if you don’t want to your life to be decided by the African’s economy, then you need to join stakecut as quickly as possible and make money for yourself, this means earning in foreign currencies.
  2. You Want to Work from Home: Are you tired of working a 9-5 job and you want to begin working from home? Then stakecut is the answer, stakecut can help you become your own boss as you work from home.
  3. You Want to Make Money Online: If you want to really learn how to make money online, then stakecut is the right answer, stakecut will teach you how you can easily sell and promote high value products; Stakecut University will also show you how to create your own high value products and how to market them. By becoming a stakecutter, you unlock an unlimited opportunity that helps you make money online.
  4. You Want to Work at Your Own Pace: If you want to work at your own pace and time, then stakecut is the right platform for you, you work while you can, maybe you are a busy individual and you prefer working at your own time, think
  5. You Need A Side Hustle: Do you need a side hustle that can constantly fetch you money by the side? Stakecut is available to help you out, you can work for free and on your own pace and time. This is your dream job come true.
  6. You Need Sales: Are you a vendor or a course creator and you are finding it hard to make sales? Then stakecut can be an answer to your problem, stakecut has skilled affiliates with the right tools that are ready to market your products to a wide range of prospects, all you have to do is sign up as a vendor, then allow the affiliates to work for you.

The goal of stakecut is to help 100,000 thousand Africans start their online business and sell to the world without household barriers and limitations. So if you want to start and grow your online business and most importantly make money, then stakecut is the right answer for you.

Why You Need to Join Stakecut Now

Stakecut is just starting its journey and unveiling itself to Africa, so the earlier you join, the better it will be for you. Here are a few reasons why you need to join stakecut now.

  1. Stakecut Offers Contest: Stakecut hosts contest where you can win incredible cash prices, smartphones, laptops and trips. You not only stand a chance to earn commission via affiliate alone, stakecut contest can also be a big win for you.
  2. Stakecut Pays Nigerians Easily: We have great affiliate marketing programs in the world, programs like Clickbank, Digistore24 or Jvzoo are all exciting programs but 98% of the time, Africans are banned from such programs or it becomes hard to receive payments from such programs. Stakecut answers to Nigerians and African as a whole, you can get paid via bank transfer.
  3. Stakecut Sells Digital Products: As an affiliate you have nothing to worry about when promoting programs and courses because digital products are easy to sell compared to physical products, you don’t have to worry about delivery and locations, people can purchase this digital courses from anywhere in the world.
  4. You Don’t Need to Be An Expert: You don’t need to be an expert to join stakecut,All the traning you need is available at the stakecut university section.It is easy to leand and free when you are starting with stakecut.
  5. You Have Multiple Withdrawal Option: You can withdraw through bank transfer and if you live outside Nigeria, you can receive your money through Paypal. Their payment method is fast, easy and secure.
  6. Stakecut Offers You Free Traning: It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or whether you are advanced, stakecut trains you for free so you can begin earning money from the comfort of your phone.

How to become an Affiliate on Stakecut?

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