8 Streamlined Tips to Create the most SHAREABLE blog posts

You may have wondered why after taking out quality time to create powerful social media or blog content, your content never gets shared by your readers. Getting the most shareable blog posts is not such a hard thing to do, but it worth lots of improvement if you must actually scale through.

What is the actual purpose of shareable content? What must a blog post contain to be shareable?  How do you find out which blog posts are the best ones to link to?  What do you need to do right now in order to improve the statistics of your blog and make more money?

To put it simply, what is the easiest way for you to create shareable content that people will actually share on every social media platform?

The answer is 1 simple thing. Target a specific audience and focus on their problems. This is one of the biggest secrets in the field of writing ever and it’s not hard to understand why.

However, in this post, you get to discover every other thing that characterizes a connection to this 1 simple thing in order to get your information out as one of the most shareable blog posts of all.

You want the most shareable blog posts if…

  1. you're a blogger,
  2. you're a Freelance Copywriter,
  3. you're a social media advertiser,
  4. you're an infopreneur,
  5. you ever struggled to get shares on a blog post or article
  6. and all others who find this interesting.

Warning: It is a long read. So, let's get into it.

1. Know who your audience is and Find them.

Your audience is the basis of your blog or magazine. When you know who your audience is, marketing and content creation become much easier. It will help you create content that resonates with their interests or appeals to them.

You can't afford to send your content to the wrong audience and expect them to share. Apart from using tools like Buffer or any other good one to schedule your content to Auto-Share, you surely need your audience to share across their own walls.

It is one of the most important things you will do, which is why it's number one on this list in learning how to write a blog post. Too many people fail with content marketing because they don't start with who their target audience is.

When you know who your audience is and what they want, crafting engaging content can be a lot easier! You might be thinking, “surely this doesn't come first…” and you're right.

But can be really wrong at the same time.

If you want to create content that people will read and share, you need to know and understand your audience.

most shareable blog posts
Find your Audience, Target your Audience

Knowing your audience means being privy of what their problems are, where to find them, how to find them, and eventually knowing what they really want from you. If you figure out what they want, you can make it easier for them to provide it.

Every writer must understand their audience in order to communicate or persuade them effectively

When your content is dished out to the right audience, they react or respond by posting comments, liking, and of course sharing the post/content.

2. Create an attention-grabbing title.

On the web, writing a blog post and choosing an attention-grabbing title is an important task. A catchy blog title can get your article shared and read by many people.

It’s important to grab your audience’s attention from the start. It’s the difference between them reading your article and simply scrolling past it. We want them to read, enjoy and share our content. To do that, you need to start with a great title.

It doesn't matter if you're a professional content writer or a beginner, creating an attention-grabbing title is always a challenge.

You may say, ‘No! It's not that hard to come up with a great title. Just find something interesting and unique about your post that will catch the reader's eye and make them want to read your article. Isn't that easy?'

I don't think so. That's why I'm here 🙂

Titles are an important part of the content. It navigates your readers to your post/content. The title happens to be the first fight to win. In the first place, if your title is not captivating enough, it may hardly get a click.

An effective title can increase your blog post's traffic and improve its performance in search engines.

Your title should be strategically streamlined to ‘make the promise'! This is especially a reason why you have a reader want to read. If the content is filled with solutions to the problem, your reader will likely share.

The interest here is relative as it depends on what type of problem it is solving.

Some examples of catchy titles are as follows:

  • My “No More Spaghetti Dinner” Moment;
  • How to Instantly Feel Better By Doing One Tiny Thing;
  • Did You Know That Tears Are the Best Natural Moisturizer?
  • My “No More Spaghetti Dinner” Moment;
  • The Quickest Way I Ever Lost Weight without Starving or Going to the Gym;
  • Free Up Some Extra Time at Work in Three Easy Steps!
  • You can add yours. Use the comment section. Thanks.

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3. Deliver value for a more human aspect

This is another way to get the most shareable blog posts. Delivering value for a more human aspect rather than ‘machine'.

The blogosphere comes alive when you realize that people are reading your articles because they are interested – not just because they are expecting to be informed.

It's not just about accepting search engine optimization tactics, although they are important. To really find success, your blog has to deliver value in another way.”

It must be written for human consumption. That means the content has to be valuable for a group of people who share a set of interests and know the nuances of those interests.

That one-sentence perspective shift changes everything and enables you to create a blog post that both informs and delights for humans consumption.

Apart from SEO, human readers are more likely to help your content turn out one of the most shareable blog posts on the internet when it satisfies human needs.

The key to success with content marketing is to optimize the content. The best way you have to reach your audience is by providing them with solutions that solve their problems.

Blogging is a personal hobby, for my own pure interest and I am sharing this knowledge with the world. If you get value from my articles, please share with your friends and colleagues.

4. Illustrate the benefits of your Solutions

Many sellers are fond of communicating the product they sell. They're like, ‘hey, come and buy my products, and that's without actually telling us why we must buy or at least express its benefit!

What do I mean by benefits? I’m talking about the payoffs your target customers will enjoy when you have your content or product, or maybe service in place — the advantages they’ll realize when they use your information or a description of wants and needs of yours that are met by your content.

It’s also the emotional value that you give your potential customers. It’s the reason why they should buy what you’re offering.

In marketing, we focus on the benefits and not the features.

Think of your solution as a car in which case, there would be two tires: one for features and the second one for benefits.

You can sell a car with only a feature tire, but it won’t be easy to compete because your competition is selling cars with both tires.

Some businesses write content or create products that don’t show clearly how the potential customers will benefit from reading the content or using the product. What is more, some writers and marketers fail to create any marketing copy at all and use only brand names in their texts.

This is not a good strategy for closing sales or getting new customers.

Understanding what benefits your audience wants can be a tricky thing. People want different things at different times, so you need to target the right benefits to the right people at the right time.

5. Interviews and Tips from successful people

Do you want to get more Likes or Shares? One way is to write content from interviews with successful people. Another way is to share tips from those successful people.

There are two types of content you should publish. This is in terms of visitors, followers, and social media shares.

The first one offers information that people will want to read it online. The second one offers interviews with active community leaders, experts, and successful people on a specific niche.

When you write content from interviews or tips from successful people, it seems to be sharable than the other content, which means your content is going viral easily and more people read it.

It depends on your niche – if they are interested in the interviewed person or the topic about which you are writing an article.

When you find interviews, it does not matter if they are a famous total stranger who tells about his/her success, or a popular entrepreneur who expresses his insights on a certain topic, that would boost your engagement as well as traffic.

Also, when someone gets interviewed by you, he/she will get known as your contributor and this will lead to increasing the authority of your content because of their influence.

It takes a lot of time to create high-quality content for your blog. Instead of spending hours every week, you could forego all the headaches by looking for the right people to interview and tips from successful people for your blog.

6. Engage them with a story

Your content is sharable when you engage your audience with stories.

How does content engagement bring your content to the point of being sharable? It's because engaged readers will share your content based on how they personally feel about it.

If you want to make a splash in your industry and become a source of valuable, sharable content, it's time to start using storytelling to your advantage. Storytelling is an engaging way to share your ideas and will help you build meaningful connections with your readers.

You know the kind of content I'm talking about. Those articles are written in the first person, with personal stories and advice that only an insider would know. These types of articles seem to go viral, shared all over Twitter and Facebook.

I’ve always thought of storytelling as a simple cliche. Something you tell a child to get them to hush up and go to sleep. A tool for the unimaginative and boring. But then I realized something: Content without narrative is just info, data, and numbers. And that’s not what we strive for, is it?

We want our content to be sharable and memorable—”sticky.”

Creating sharable content is a “buzzword”. And that’s because it works — whether you’re a blogger, SME, or social media manager, you understand that to get your message out into the world you need to be heard.

7. Offer free goodies for shares/responses to your content

Your content is sharable when you offer free gifts and goodies to your audience.

Have you noticed that you need to help people share your content when you have a giveaway? People are drawn to free stuff. To add something more substantial than a like or share, offer them something for free.

There are obviously many ways to do this, but I’ve found that if you offer up some free goodies in exchange for a share, conversions will increase.

Free is a powerful word online, it gets your audience engaged with your content. They now have a free eBook or some other resource that will help them solve a problem or even entertain them. This is why free gifts are a great way to give back to your community and attract more readers.

If your content doesn’t get good SEO rankings if it isn’t shared by at least one person, and a search engine can’t read the minds of your audience. Instead, make your content share-worthy by adding a way for people to share it with a single click.

8. Encourage feedback and interactions from your audience

Encouraging feedback and interactions from your audience is a way of creating a “conversation” with your online audience. When done correctly, it helps develop a stronger connection between you and your readers.

It’s easy to get jaded and think that nobody cares about you and your content. Analyze the success of all the famous bloggers out there and they have a common thing in common; each is adept at using social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, Digg, etc. to get their articles to spread virally.

You too can learn how to inspire feedback from your audience with these tips for writing shareable content. Feedback encourages interaction. It helps to create a dialogue with your readers. You also get to understand their needs better which in turn helps in growing your business.

Wrap Up!

Thinking about social media, you probably get what I mean. It has become a huge part of our lives these last years. It's funny how we started to realize that sharing content makes us happier and boosts our mood ☺

We decided to share some insights, tips and information on creating content that gets shared on social media.

A large number of users use social media each day. It is often overwhelming to try and get your product share on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

Social Media is a great way to increase awareness around your brand, product or service. Just like you need to be aware of what type of content that is being shared on Facebook or Twitter, you also need to consider the type of content that will get your product shared on various platforms.

Imagine having 20 extra pairs of eyes see all the hard work you do to create your online content. Well, this guide is going to show you how to create shareable content platforms that will increase awareness of your business and save you hours of effort in the long run.

Now, over to you

If you find this post really valuable, please do well to share so others can find us and gain values that could change their business dimension.


If you have other concerns about why your contents don't get enough traction online, let us know using the comment box below. I will personally respond to your messages.

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