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How to make money blogging with little traffic or no traffic

You have spent hours and hours on research, writing, and optimizing your content for your blog, but days turn to weeks after publishing, and months, but the readers won’t just come as you expect! Don't worry, you can actually make money blogging with little traffic.

Don't give up so fast!

But before you begin to think of giving up, consider this guide on how you can make money blogging with little or no traffic.

No doubt, your blog traffic determines how successful your blog can turn out, but the kind and quality of traffic you have even mattered more!

It is also important to note that a blog’s life cycle has different stages, and you just can’t compare a new blog to one that has built an online presence over a long period of time.

There’s no shortcut to generating revenue from blogging. To make money consistently from blogging, you must offer solutions to people's problems. No one comes to your business website or blog only to watch how beautiful it is.

Provide solutions!

With this, people will be willing to pay just about any amount to get the solutions from you.

But then, while you’re working on improving your blog traffic to broaden your income opportunities, you can still monetize your blog to get some cash in your wallet with these tips.

1. Create And Sell Online Courses

Selling courses online is one way to make money blogging with little traffic. You can earn considerably from a blog with little traffic by creating online courses that appeal to such an audience.

Hence, if your blog generates just 100 daily visitors, conduct further research to find out exactly what those visitors want, and then create a course that provides answers to their questions.

Your online course should focus on a specific topic or subject and be organized to be implemented. Unlike blog posts, online courses have more depth and offer increased value.

But bear in mind that your first course may not be as awesome as you think it should be. So, do not insist on getting a top-level course ready before you begin to sell your idea. You can always improve your work as time goes on.

2. Partner With Online Influencers

Influencer marketing has become a highly prospective approach to getting buyers for your products. It has over time proven to be a very good way to make money blogging with little traffic.

This is largely because online influencers have been able to earn the trust of their audience over time and can well easily get them to take a particular action – which could be buying your product!

You, as a beginner blogger may not have the kind of leads that can generate conversions for the products, but the audiences of some online influencers may generate the right leads for you.

Leverage on these audiences to get leads and conversions for your products. You’ll make money online faster with the support of influencers.

And while you may need some cash to get the attention of many influencers, you may also get them to talk about your products by offering them a product for free or providing other services that could be of interest.

3. Become A Freelance Blogger

There are countless freelance bloggers making money blogging with little or no traffic at all. And whether you are just launching out as a freelancer or you’ve been into it for quite a while but seem not to be getting the desired result, it’s time to shed off doubts and fears and get moving.

You’d require to have good command of your skill, moxie and persistence to become a reputable freelance blogger.

Work to broaden your reach (beyond your blog); find clients on freelance platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, and several others, guest post on other blogs and websites, and also ensure to offer great jobs to clients.

Becoming an in-demand freelance blogger will help you generate revenue online even if your blog has little

4. Organize Online Coaching

Becoming an online coach to motivated clients will get you some side income even when your blog traffic is discouraging. According to data from Disc Insight, the life coaching industry garners about $2 billion every year!

That’s pretty huge! It is indeed a good way to make money blogging with little traffic.

make money blogging with little traffic
Online Coaching

Life coaches make up to $500 on a one-to-one blogging intensive coaching session. And be sure that your students will find it exciting so long they get the desired results from the sessions.

Online coaching is indeed a profit making machine!

This is another option that does not require tens of thousands of visitors before your start to make money blogging. With only a few high-value clients, or maybe as low as 100 – 1000 consistent visitors, you can make tones of sales holding one-on-one coaching. You can begin to offer Coaching Services to those interested. These services can come in the form of one or two of the following.

5. Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which you earn commissions based on the sales that you generate.

It involves promoting products and services offered by other people or companies while receiving commissions on the resulting sales.

An online marketing survey shows a good percentage of affiliate marketers made money online last year. The survey also reveals that 10% of the publishers generated more than $100,000 (based on their own criteria).

To become an affiliate marketer, you’ll need to join an affiliate program that offers products that resonate with the needs of your audience. You can sign up for programs like Amazon Associates, cj.com, Clickbank, and ShareaSale to find products and services that you can promote on your blog.

Check out specific products you’d like to promote on your blog. After joining the program, you’ll be given a unique affiliate link which will be attached to every product-link you intend to promote from your account.

Once, a purchase is made through these links, you’ll receive commissions which may vary from product to product.

You may also choose to share your affiliate product links on various other platforms online to broaden the market for higher income. Also, consider products with good commission rates, and do a great review of them on your blog for your readers.

To become an Authority in the product you're promoting, you must build a strong reputation within your chosen niche. This way, you could speed up your blogging profits within a short period of time, because you've already been identified as an Authority by your blog audience.

You do not need to have millions of visitors to earn well with affiliate marketing. Affiliate programs you can consider include, Shareasale, Amazon, CJ.com, and Clickbank.

6. Create A Membership Community

You can actually make money blogging while you create a membership community with your little traffic. What this implies is that you'll simply disclose a particular monthly fee to access your community.

Certainly, you are not likely to generate huge cash at first, but with consistency and focus, you can gradually grow the community and make a considerable monthly income from your members.

make money blogging with little traffic

First, figure out an incentive for your community. This may be offered to access special tools, exclusive contents, courses, or info products that you have created within the community.

You can extensively create a Facebook Group to promote your membership community and also consider other social networks. However, you’ll need to have solutions to ensure that fees are well regulated.

So, you have little traffic? Again, this is no problem. All there is to do is spend good time creating a great online platform, quality, and unique content that meets a specific audience need. Get your content properly optimized, run a few promotions (organically or paid) and watch the subscription metrics grow as members renew their membership subscription monthly.

Google AdSense may not be one of them

Although, there are several ad networks available for bloggers with high traffic to earn. Google AdSense is one of the reputable ad networks out there.

While this may not be a viable option for newbie bloggers who do not have huge blog traffic yet, you are still sure to make some regular income with your little blog traffic once accepted.

But that's not comparable to the other options on this list.

You can implement the ads displayed on your blog while also trying out other ideas on how to make money blogging that are revealed in this article.

To get started, you’ll need to sign up on AdSense, or other options such as Media.net, and Propeller ads. You’ll be required to paste a code on your site, and once approved, you’ll need to set up the ads on your website – it is super easy. There are codes that you’ll be required to paste on your site to display ads the way you want them.

Of all the above listed ways to make money blogging without much traffic, Google AdSense is not one of them, but it is a good way to actually become a profitable blog owner. If you rely only Google AdSense to make money blogging, well, while you might have to drive good traffic, you want to believe you have to pay close attention to that.


To think you can make money online ordinarily without traffic is a hard stone to crack. But this is possible, even though the best option would be to actually drive lots and lots of traffic to your business website or blog.

All the same, best of luck!

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