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The Best Niches On Fiverr: How To Identify Your skills and Pick Gigs that Works

This post shows you exactly how to figure out and pick the best niche on Fiverr based on your skill, career, job, or ability. 

Fiverr is no doubt, a great place to get your first gig. Well, just like other similar types of freelancing websites around.

You can find gigs that pay anywhere from $5 to $500, but the majority of gigs on Fiverr generally pay around $5 to $10 as starting price. 

However, with so many gigs available on the marketplace, it can be difficult finding an idea that will help you make money. That’s where niche advertising comes in! 

In another post, I put together everything you need to know about Niche Advertising, but briefly, let's know what this means.

Niche advertising is the act of marketing products or services specifically to people who have similar needs or interests. Finding a niche that appeals to your target audience can be challenging and time-consuming, however with the right strategies, it doesn’t have to be! 

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Meanwhile, if you have skills that are in demand, niche research can help you turn those skills into a profitable business. In this blog post, we will explore 3 splits on the main Fiverr job and how you can take advantage of these jobs for your Fiverr gig business.

Let’s explore how you can turn your skills into a profitable niche on Fiverr

Selling on Fiverr: Pick the Best Niche On Fiverr

To sell on Fiverr, you must be able to pinpoint your strengths and find a market segment where customers will be willing to pay you for your services.

No doubt, some people have trouble identifying their skills and knowing how to connect those skills to Fiverr categories where they may sell their services.

So, I'm creating this article to assist people in identifying valuable skills they may or may not be aware they possess and may use to utilize and sell as services on Fiverr.

I'll be describing a few distinct profession or vocation kinds and decomposing them into marketable abilities that you may offer on Fiverr. 

I'll group them into three primary groups: 

  1. Customer Service-related jobs.
  2. Designation-related jobs and 
  3. Professions that are entrepreneurial (Entrepreneurial or Professional jobs).

Customer Service-related Jobs

The first I’ll talk about is the customer service-related jobs. 

If you've been a call-center employee, a tech support employee, a sales representative, a customer service manager, a resolution specialist, a collections agent, a bank teller, et cetera, there are a couple of different core skills and areas of expertise applicable to all of these types of customer service roles that can be broken down into individual skills that you can market to people on Fiverr.

One major area of expertise that you probably have skills in if you've worked in customer service has to do with computer skills, data entry, and application support. 

You can segment a variety of computer-related topics into separate Five listings by dividing them into different categories. Software is an illustration of application support.

Let's assume that you know a particular kind of marketing software. You can advertise your services to assist users of this software in making better use of the tool or resolving any problems they may be experiencing.

You may even use your computer expertise to simply carry out data entry for others. Many companies and individuals lack the patience or time to do tedious, protracted, time-consuming data entry jobs by themselves, so this is where you come in and make money on Fiverr for yourself.

Communication skills in Customer Service

The second group of skills that most customer service employees will have has to do with communication at some point or another, if you're working in customer service, you need to be an expert at communicating with customers, whether that be to resolve problems, conflict resolutions, selling them services, or helping them navigate the company that you work for.

So when it comes to Fiverr, there are several different skills or gigs you can post related to your ability. You can pose as a good communicator within a business.

You could be a remote call-center employee.

You could offer email writing services.

You could write cold call scripts for the customer service team.

You could even offer business strategy services where you're helping new businesses that are just starting out build a customer service call-center or communication strategy for the entire business.

It all depends on how much work you're willing to take on.

Sales Skills in Customer Service

You may not have known that a customer service operator engages puts in over 60% of the sales process of a company. 

The importance of a customer service who is skilled in the art of selling can not be ruled out when identifying what works. This is why in a situation where a business owner who has a good product to sell would need a customer service person that doubles as a sales professional. 

If you worked in customer service at one point or another, you've probably done some selling.

You can sell and market different aspects of your sales experience to people on Fiverr. 

I mentioned something earlier in this post about email marketing. It is indeed a great advantage that you sell your services around building price models or helping people analyze their products. You can help them with pricing the products and offer ideas and suggestions based on what you think might work best for them. 

This is a service worth selling on Fiverr. 

You can help with Instagram or Facebook sales, create autoresponder campaigns, or create and produce sales flyers or brochures for people to use with their customer service sales teams to send out to prospects.

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Resume Writing Skills in Customer Service

This aspect also relates to people with customer service experience. Though it is pretty general, think about it. If you've worked in any of these roles I listed previously in customer service, there’s one thing that everyone has done, something you've done it, something I've done, and everyone's done it.

It's writing a resume.

If you're selling your services and targeting people who want to get into roles in the jobs that you've done in the past, why not teach them how to write or edit their resumes?

A lot of people would be willing to pay you knowing that you've already done what they're trying to do to either write or edit their resume for them.

This is a great option for you if you have experience in customer service. You can explain where your experience lies, what type of role you're in, and show or tell that you're willing to help them write their resume to get a job in a similar field (customer service)

Designation Jobs

Designation jobs are jobs that require some minimum level of certification, designation, or skill to complete. 

Think accountants, graphic designers, marketing experts, bookkeepers, lawyers, nutritionists, technical writers, underwriters, certified personal trainers, and musicians.

The main type of gig you can offer if you fall into any of the jobs I just listed has to do with consulting. 


Consulting is probably one of the best things that you can offer on Fiverr.

If you have experience in any of these designated roles as above mentioned, the reality is people really don't know what they don't know, so they'll hire someone like you to help them do it.

This is especially true if you have experience in a designated role.

The beauty of this is that as a consultant, people aren't paying you for a thing or a product or service, specifically what they're paying you for and the reason you're able to demand such high prices is the years of time, experience, and training that took you to get that designation and get good at the skill that you're offering.

That's why this is a great option.

Along with consulting, if you have a designated role or your designated experience, you can just complete specific tasks.

Think of it this way if you're a graphic designer or a musician or a bookkeeper, and someone doesn't need someone like you full time, they just need a one-off, maybe one logo or one music bit for the intro to one of their advertisements.

Or maybe they just need you to close the books for them once during tax time, you can offer them these services at a flat rate.

As an expert, this probably isn't too difficult for you, and it's a great way for you to offer your services and make a little extra money. And this applies to all the jobs or careers listed above and others that I didn't include. 

A nutritionist or a personal trainer could offer a fitness or nutrition plan for a flat rate, targeting businesses that want to offer this plan to their clients. 

Marketing experts can create campaigns, emails, copy, or advertisements for people who can't afford to hire their own marketing team. Full-time accountants, Lawyers, and MBAs are all necessary for people starting a business or planning to start a business who can't afford to hire these people outright.

You could offer a one-off service.

A 60 Minutes contract review is a great thing that a lawyer could offer or an account they could offer to help you keep your finances in order. 

The Best Niche On Fiverr
Photo by Caio on Pexels.com

You got to think out of the box and break down your skills into productized offerings that you can sell for flat rates, for low rates that people will buy from you. 

I think you see where I'm going with this.

If you fit into this category and you have a designated set of experience or skills, you can break that down and get granular with what you're selling.

Since people are going to be looking up to you for the expertise that you possess, you can literally package and price your services for anything. It depends on how badly that person needs the work done and how willing they can do it. 

So in this situation, if you are a designated person or have a designated set of experience or skills, take the time to qualify what your buyer wants and work with them to figure out something that's going to work for both of you.

Business & Entrepreneurship Related Gigs

This one is simply jobs that are entrepreneurial related. There are roles on Fiverr that relates to people who have experience in the world of entrepreneurship.

So, have you owned your own business? Worked at a startup, helping your friend open or start a business?

Most people on Fiverr are either starting a new business or have just recently started a new business of their own. Every single one of them needs help with the areas of opening and running a business that they don't have expertise in.

That's why they're on Fiverr in the first place.

If you fit into this entrepreneurship category or have run your own business, there are several different things that you can market and sell to new business owners through Fiverr.

You can write or review business plans for them. You can help them write cover letters or pitches for investors. You can even help them incorporate or register their business. 

How about helping them pick a business name? How about helping them do market research? You can help them do a competitive analysis of their competition or even help them figure out how much starting capital they need.

These are all things that new business owners need help with. And if you can position these things as individual gigs on Fiverr that you're willing to help them with, the odds are that people are going to give you a shot and you're going to be able to show them a lot of value that they're going to be happy to pay you for.

Last note!

Do you have a hard time breaking down your work and life experiences into actual tasks or skills, and applying these skills by aligning them with a particular niche or set of gigs? 

I have done some due diligence by breaking things down in the best way I can to probably help you repurpose your focus and properly position yourself on Fiverr. 

Remember, I broke it down into customer service-related jobs, designation type of careers, jobs, and skills, and then anyone who has experience in entrepreneurship and business.

Those are the three main areas that I think I'm pretty grasp of and can help you break down the skills that you might have if you have experience in any of those categories. 

Happy selling!

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