How to easily find High-Value Clients on the Internet

You want to find High-Value Clients on the internet. It is the dream of every ambitious marketer. Indeed it is simple, but that depends so much on what techniques you are using.

Two quick questions for you.

One, do you know how to find real buyers for the products without breaking the bank from running Facebook Ads?

Two, do you ever doubt if you could find high-value clients or customers for your products on the internet?

Do you? It's normal but here is a thing to know.

Every growing marketer, seller or service provider, on or off the internet, hope to find high-value clients or customers for their products instead of the low-end or low paying clients.

In fact, these sets of customers can pull in more earning for you for small amount of sales.

This applies to any industry.

The marketers would literally jump in excitement when they find a ton of high paying buyers getting their products??.

It makes life much better. I can't stand the opposite situation.

Trying to Find High-Value Clients on the Internet

It is every ambitious marketers aspiration to desire to know how to attract the high-value Clients.

One thing you must know is that, in the same manner with which you crave to find high-value clients, they also have cravings to get valuable products or services for money spent. 

They crave to find that valuable product that can make things a lot easier for them. The truth is that everyone wants to find what works and at every point in time, there are serious searches for solutions around on social media. 

You don’t want to lose them either. 

When an irresistible product meets a high-end client or customer, the connection clicks, there is an interchange, both parties are happy. 

Financial satisfaction.

The fulfilment.

…and then, a stronger relationship for the mentor and mentee; customer and the service provider, etc.

You got the cash, the customer or client gets the product or services and everyone is impressed. 

But there is something.

Getting rid of the Tiny Voice in your Head

Let's quickly understand this.

Everyone has got this tiny voice featuring everywhere in their minds.

It may be telling you that going after the high-end target market is too risky and that you can’t afford to take that risk.

Listen, this is a fast walk away from success. You actually need to snap out of that thought immediately!

It is not a risk to offer a high-end price tag.

In fact, it is a BIG FAT ERROR to believe that you can't find high-value clients or customers for your products/services!


To find high-value clients on the internet using social media ads, you want to stop limiting your reach to what's popping on your mind!

Before we go further, let’s meet a high paying client.

Who is a high-paying Client?

find high-value clients

A high-paying or high-value client is one that can literally create a big difference in the profitability of any business, provided it meets his or her immediate expectations. He does not care at all about the cost as long as they can be certain to get superior quality and value. 

A few high-paying clients can make you the much expected big earnings within a short time. 

Let’s do this calculation together. 

If you sell a product for $97, you would need about 11 buyers to make a little above $1000. But if you sold the same product for $197, you would need to sell to only 6 quality buyers to make a little above $1000.

So, in each case, you run the same ad on the same cost, say $10 a day at least, and get the different results from putting in the same efforts. 

You want to be able to sell to a few comfortable clients and that’s achievable only if you know your onions well.

You need to get a few things properly positioned to start with. 

Knowing your product or business very well

I mean, how do you even make sales when you do not, at least, know about the product or how it works, maybe at least understand it's boundaries or limitations. If not these, how about discovering how to sell the products properly to them.  

Knowing who and where your customers are

Would you rather target buyers whose personality you hardly know or probably do not understand? This is why you need to read further. 

Besides knowing your product details well enough to convince a buyer even if you’re been interrupted from sleep, you must master where to find them.

But how do you find them when you don’t know them in the first place. Master the art of identifying what category of people your products need to meet. Are they in the category of the average earners, or are categorically found among the ‘Dangote crews’?

If you don't find out where they are hanging out, what their favourite social media platforms are, what type of lifestyle they live outside social media and the kind of people they follow or lead, you may have to retake your steps. 

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Understanding the Pricing of your product

This one is very crucial, yet dicey!

The concept of pricing your product after the production can be a very tricky one if you ask me.

Answer questions like ‘why must I bill my customers $97 for the same product I could charge them $247 for'? 

Or you may ask yourself…

If I sell at $247, what does my buyer stand to enjoy from the product? Should I rather sell for $97 instead (testing the river)?

Who do I bill $97 for the same product I bill others $247 for? Why charge Group A higher and the other group lower for the same product?

According to Charles Toftoy, associate professor of management science at George Washington University, pricing your product  “is probably the toughest thing there is to do… it's part art and part science,” 

You want to put in a lot of factors in determining your pricing. 

And lastly,

Knowing how to attract high-paying clients. 

This is the junction where the above three meets. Know your business, know your clients, know your pricing strategy and of course, know where to meet or find the high-valued clients.

How do you intend to attract these sets of people who could pay you a thousand bucks ($1000) for that all-valued digital product?

This is how to attract high-paying clients over the internet.

  1. Make yourself known across social media or the internet (via blog posts, vlogs, guest posts, etc.)
  2. Portray your best works using your website, social media pages etc, that is, make a lot of noise about it. 
  3. Offer positive values that’ll get people to like you, and eventually trust you and your products. 
  4. Run ads that attract your interests group.
  5. Create a beautiful information page, landing page etc, void of lies and deceit or exaggeration.
  6. There are more.
Find high-value clients

So my dear friend, my question to you is, do you understand your business enough? 

Are you one of those who believe that people online can’t pay well for your digital products or services? 

Does this thought make you want to reduce your prices in order to sell the products out ‘easily’ (like they are perishable products)?

I have debunked many complaints about the challenges of getting products sold online. 

You actually don’t have to go cheap if you know the product's value is off the hook, and out of the roof too.

There are so many high-paying clients online and all you need is to know how to get your products to their doors. 

The most important part of marketing your business online is to know how to ACTUALLY get THE RIGHT buyers online for your digital products. 

Why you don't attract High-Value clients

Knowledge, they say, is power!

The first reason is simply that of knowledge. 


As earlier, there are things you need to put in place to attract the customers, buyers or clients to your digital products online.

Whether you're selling a digital product or doing something out of a brick and mortar store, presence is key!

You have to first establish a powerful online or offline presence using the right techniques.

We have different ways to target different customers from different types of businesses. 

For example, you may be able to use a simple strategy to get people to buy your digital products without much work, but coming to real estates, sales of cars and the likes, you agree that'll be a different ball game. 

I have prepared a simple strategy you can use to target high-value clients online here.

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Either you know how to target them or not, if they don’t trust you, you’re out!

You have to be intentional with your approach to selling online in order to build enough trust. 

You have to intentionally build a good relationship online via your social media, blog, vlog, or whatever channel or app that accords you the advantage. 

This calls for consistency in reaching out to them with kinds of stuff that can build familiarity, e.g. providing solutions to certain problems in groups and your social media timeline. 

Apart from that, you want to offer them a helping hand with 101% satisfaction to some of their problems (not all). They need to have this subconsciousness that you’re in to assist them. Since they are willing to pay any amount to get the solution, you should be willing to offer them more than the expected solution, working towards about 120% customer satisfaction. 

This would help you build TRUST. The high-value clients want to Know, Like and Trust you enough to leave their money in your hands especially if your product costs so much. 

How to Target High-Value Clients using Facebook and Instagram Ads

This is why you are here on this post. 

The efficacy of Facebook and Instagram Ads for targeting High-Value Clients. The secrets are in the targeting options you adopt.

Your product is carefully packed with super-doper values and you wish to target high-value clients to pay for them. You have determined to sell it at $1000 each.

Then the question should be, what category of people would pay for a product as high as that. One, you don’t want to target high school or secondary school students as 99% of them are solely depending on parents and guardians. 

You don’t want to target mostly employees, because an average employee’s monthly take-home falls between $200 and $300 (N80,000 to about N100,000) in Nigeria.

However, you want to focus on some targeted options that you can use to get your ads in front of people who can afford them. This strategy works well when you are promoting any high ticket business, or real estates, cars, or coaching.

Types of Options to Target 

High-End device users

These are people who buy high-cost smartphones, tablets and other devices.

You can also identify them with certain parameters like the type of devices they use, cars they drive, etc. The high-end device users, living on the Island or living in expensive places stand a better chance of purchasing highly placed products and services without breaking the bank.

Small device users don't often purchase expensive products, but high-end device users do. Facebook knows this and uses it to their advantage.

The company targets ads towards high-end users because that allows them to sell a high volume of products with less financial investment.

When creating your ad sets, you can set up all these targetings. I advise you to combine some of them to have a laser-targeted audience.

The Frequent Travelers

People who go on international trips are most likely categorized as rich. Targeting them increases your chances of getting high paying clients. 

When you target this option, Facebook automatically lookout for those who have their locations turn on and run your adverts to them

This can be found under behaviour under interest section when creating an ad set. 

Areas where wealthy people live

In every country, there are some areas known to be inhabited by wealthy people, In Nigeria, for instance, you can target people in Lekki, Garki etc. 

Facebook Payment Users

Facebook Payment Users is a new analytical tool that Facebook uses to identify users who will be willing to pay for high value advertising products.

Facebook determines who those users are, by looking at all the products people buy on third-party websites with their Facebook account. Then Facebook suggests you to those users.

When those users see your product, they will have a high chance of buying it, because they are already payment users. That's why this method is best for increasing the chances of success of your business.

If a user pays for a product, Facebook considers them to be more engaged with that product. This suggests that Facebook Payment Users are often heavy users and have a higher affinity for your content.


The whole essence of taking your business online is to make sales, massive sales. The effort you put into selling online for different prices in consonance with the cost of running advertisement online matters to your business. You want to ensure you create quality products that actually solve problems.

Facebook and Instagram are two powerful online places for running quality advertisement, there are however other tools that could help you generate data that helps find high-value clients online such as

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