Secret Ways To Never Be Broke (1): Don’t Sell Products, Sell That Ideas

So, there is always this general belief that selling ideas is an expensive mission that must be carefully protected. Truth is, ideas may appear quite unrealistic and meaningless to some. But in this post, I reveal a few notes on the Secret Ways to Never be Broke.

The series focus on one of the biggest things to do to never go broke.

Today I’m going to show you how to never be broke. The key is simple: don’t sell products, sell ideas. Quickly, I'll explain what I mean by that.

Secret Ways To Never Be Broke

I am not here to tell you never to buy buy from iTunes, never eat out, or save your money, and all of that. Although these matters, but there are on a different chapter entirely.

I'll like you to see something, very important!

Read on!

There are three words of wisdom which will keep you out of the red every time:

1) Start with a compelling idea;

2) Offer something nobody else can offer;

3) Be able to deliver on your promise.

These three things are essential for success in any business, but they matter even more when you have no money and want it all-the-time. So if these principles sound good to you then listen up because today I'm going to teach them to you!

Start with a Compelling Idea

In order to have something worth selling you need a great idea.

The idea can be anything from taking photos of cute animals, to writing a book about how to grow the best tomatoes ever. It really doesn't matter what your idea is as long as it’s compelling and will attract lots of people to pay for it.

A compelling idea is one that people want. Something they are craving.

It's usually easy to tell if an idea is compelling because anyone who hears it will react positively.

They'll be excited, they'll want to know more, and they will most likely try to convince you not to sell the idea to someone else – but rather give it to them for free, or for a fee/price!

Ideas are golden; This is why it's the best recommendation to keep it as safe as possible.

So if you have a compelling idea just keep it under wraps until you're ready to use it. That way the idea is yours exclusively and nobody else can take credit for it or steal your audience away before you get a chance to share your message with the world.

Offer something nobody else can offer

You may actually not be bothered if you're that generous, but this is one of the secrets to never go broke.

But answer these questions, let's see how it goes at the end:

What makes you unique? What can you offer that is both rare and valuable? How are you different from everyone else in your field? What will make people buy your product when they could simply go with the competition?

I call this second principle to never being broke “the secret sauce.” And that's if it is something other people cannot get anywhere else?

So do you have one?


Then you've got ‘the secret sauce'!

Let's take for instance, if you’re selling an idea about how to quit smoking cigarettes then the secret sauce would be some sort of personal testimony or endorsement by someone who has successfully stopped smoking using your technique/idea.

If you're selling information on how to grow tomatoes better then the secret sauce could be a video of yourself actually planting the tomatoes that would demonstrate to potential customers exactly what they will receive when they purchase your package…and why it will produce bigger and better tomatoes than anything anybody else can offer.

Be able to Deliver on your promise

The third principle is easy: always deliver on what you promise.

If you say your idea will help people quit smoking then it better do just that – or you’ll be in big trouble!

Offering something nobody else can offer is great, but if you can't live up to your promises then nobody will ever buy from you again. So you must always follow through with whatever it is you're offering… whatever it takes…to make sure they get the results they desire!

These three secrets are simple, powerful and effective.

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3 Steps to Sell your Ideas to the right Audience

  • Know your market. This means gathering as much feedback as possible on your own invention idea. Focus group testing, even among friends and family, is one good way. You should also compile data on similar and competing products–info on what's out there, what's selling and who's producing it, for example.
  • Do some legal legwork. Go as far as you can to determine if your invention is patentable or if it can be produced without infringement on other filed patents. A preliminary patent search on www.ustpo.gov will get you on your way. Also, the more information you can gather about regulatory issues or necessary legal steps, the better.
  • Look into production. Learning about the production process can be extremely helpful, particularly if your invention calls for unique materials or unusual manufacturing techniques.

Read More: Finding the right Audience to sell your ideas.

Guess what? If my friend hadn't shared them with me when I was broke I would probably still be in debt today (he gave me my first copywriting/consulting job which saved the day).

But the real key is this: don't just sell products, sell unique ideas that promises unwavering values. So if you have a great idea for an information product or service it doesn't really matter what your offering is. As long as you keep these principles in mind when marketing your idea/product then your chances of success are high.

Good luck!

I hope this article inspires some of the broke people out there to get creative and start selling their ideas instead of just products. Who knows? You may just come up with something that changes the world…like my friend did with his online business! 🙂

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