The Best 6 Steps to Position Yourself as a Lead Generation Specialist

The lead generation industry is booming, and it's one of the many reasons why so many businesses are looking for ways to improve their conversion rates. A lead generation specialist can find themselves in a variety of different positions within an organization, but they all have similar responsibilities.

This blog post will introduce you to 6 ways that you can position yourself as a lead generation specialist!

People in lead generation roles are constantly looking for new ways to generate and nurture leads.

And not just any type of lead – your boss wants their own personal “golden goose” client, doesn’t he/she?

This is where you come in!

The reason they hired you was because you know how to get the job done when it comes down to sales and marketing. You can be that go-to person who makes magic happen with a phone call or an email. This blog post will introduce some tips on how to increase your chances of becoming the next “top dog” at work: THE LEAD GENERATION SPECIALIST!

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is the process of finding and delivering potential sales leads to a sales team.

Check out Definition – Lead generation – Wikipedia.

This means that you will be creating content for your audience based on their needs, interests and problems in order to get them interested enough so they reach out to you!

The more qualified the lead, meaning that it has an interest in what you have or can do for them (meaning quality over quantity), then the less work there is involved with converting these opportunities into paying customers.

Before we jump right into the subject matter, let's quickly go over some key terms:

Lead A person who expresses interest in learning about a product or service; Leads are typically targeted through marketing efforts such as email campaigns and social media advertising Campaigns.

There are different types of lead generation campaigns that you can create in order to gain new leads for your company.

Some examples are:

Content Marketing – Creating content based on what your target audience is interested in; this could be through blogging, videos or infographics among other things.

Social Media Advertising – Targeting an audience with paid advertisements across the internet

Retargeting Ads – Display ads specifically targeted towards people who have visited a site before but did not purchase.

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How do Lead Generation Specialists Work?

The main role of a Lead Generation Specialist will include creating and managing marketing initiatives aimed at generating qualified sales leads.

The core responsibilities include leveraging advertising channels such as Google Adwords, Facebook & LinkedIn to advertise products and services by using key words that would indicate someone has an interest in a certain subject.

In addition, you will also need to identify and research new lead sources as well as implement marketing automation processes such as email nurturing campaigns or automated social media posting.

lead generation specialist

What Skills do Lead Generation Specialists Need?

It is important that you have a portfolio of past work demonstrating your knowledge about generating leads for companies.

This includes skills around the following: How-to videos, Content writing, Blogging, Social Media Marketing, Google Adwords, Paid Ads, Facebook, LinkedIn, Email management, CRMs, WordPress, SEO etc.

Steps to Position as a Lead Generation Specialist

First Step: Get Some Education

The first step to position as a lead generation specialist would be to get educated.

The question is, what do you really know about generating leads for business? And then, what strategies are there to actualize a good positioning as a lead generation specialist?

Well, there you go… you need some education to start with, even if you are in active service in a multinational company or a startup, or in a regular tight-timed 9-5 job

You can do this by taking on-the-job training, which means shadowing someone in your company who has more experience than you and learning as much as you can from him/her.

You may also consider formal education or certification (i.e., Bachelors of Business Administration).

Second Step: Get Certified

Becoming certified will allow other people at work know that there’s a reason why they chose you for the job.

It shows them that not only are you capable of doing what it takes to be successful – but now everyone knows about it!

Some certs to look into include Microsoft certifications, Google AdWords certifications, HubSpot certifications, Linkined Learning Certifications, Facebook Learning Certifications and a variety of others.

Third Step: Find your voice

Finding your “voice” is important because it gives you the opportunity to have an identity at work aside from being just another person in the office who does their job really well.

It allows you to get noticed among other colleagues – especially if there are people that do not appreciate what it takes to be successful in lead generation!

Some ideas on how to find your voice include participating in company-wide meetings, starting up lunch or breakfast meetings with co-workers so they can get to know each other better and/or updating a blog for everyone else to see what goes into generating leads.

You could even consider creating an online video for your company’s YouTube channel!

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Fourth Step: Show that you are great at what you do

As mentioned above, it is important to get noticed.

Creating case studies and/or success stories will allow your boss to see how well you perform in real-time situations.

This shows them why they need YOU on their team – so take advantage of every opportunity given to you!

As a lead generation specialist, this could be done by writing up emails or scripts using the information provided by others who have been successful with generating leads and then send those results off as if they were actually generated from yourself.

If there is no data available within your organization, try searching externally through sites like HubSpot’s blog!

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Fifth Step: Make Your Boss Look Good

As a lead generation specialist, it is your job to make sure that the company you work for has successful leads.

This means making them look good in front of their potential clients/customers and even other companies they may be working with on similar projects or initiatives.

Doing so will allow them to continue doing business with organizations like yours – if not better ones!

How can you do this?

Well, first off show how many new leads are coming into the office because of what THEY did for YOU.

Secondly, showcase which methods work best within certain industries when generating these high-quality leads – some examples include outbound calls vs emailing vs social media, etc.

Sixth Step: Ask for More

If you feel like this is something that you truly enjoy doing and are good at, why not ask for more?

Hoping that your boss will give you the lead generation responsibilities without asking might end up with disappointing results!

Just because they see how well your work – doesn’t mean it will be handed to them on a silver platter.

Withholding information about what could be done to improve current processes won’t allow room for growth either which means everyone loses – including yourself.

So take initiative before sitting back and waiting!

You never know where things may go if given an opportunity.

…it may even result in becoming the next Lead Generation Specialist for a different company or gaining more responsibilities within your current position.

There are many other steps that go into becoming a lead generation specialist, but this list should get you started on the right path!

Good luck and remember to keep those leads coming in so we can all work together as one team towards success.

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